Reactions from Crean on MSU, NCAA

Coach Tom Crean is headed to his fourth NCAA tournament and his second tournament appearance in as many years. However, in the previous three appearances, Marquette received a seed appropriate to their accomplishments during the year. Here is Crean's reaction…

Coach Tom Crean appeared on the Mike and Mike show on ESPN radio to talk about the first round match-up with Michigan State and the NCAA tournament selection seeding. Here are a few answers to the questions he was asked:

Crean on the Big East getting slighted by the committee…

"I didn't think our conference was treated very well. I think that is a question our league has to ask—what was said and done in that room? I think our league had a great year. For Syracuse not to be in it doesn't make any sense at all, and that's not to take away from any of the teams that are in the tournament. But we lost to Syrcause. They are an outstanding team. I mean, look at Georgetown. They are playing as well as anyone right now and they were beaten by Syracuse and beaten soundly. I do not see any justification for them not to be in. I think it was a shock, too, that West Virginia didn't get in with the way that they play. We are always going to look after our leagues, but the whole Syracuse thing didn't make sense."

Crean on building up the intensity for an NCAA game…

"You want to build up that hate. You want to build up that anger and it is hard to do that. At the same time, the more you watch film, everybody on our team is realizing how well we are going to have to play to beat Michigan State, because they are playing well. I know as well as anybody what he (Tom Izzo) is capable of on that sideline and what they are capable of as players."

How do you build that hate towards the other team?

"I think it's the competition in practice that builds that. It is hard to get to get ready for a game; its not the night before with a speech or a pre-game speech, it is built up over time. I think our guys have played at a high level and I think we have a little chip on our shoulder right now because we won 24 games. We won 10 games in the Big East and we end up with an 8 seed? Bottom line is, we have worked really hard, we have had an excellent year, and our guys want to go out there and continue to make it happen. But there are also so many similarities between the programs. Both teams' players feel it in their own way. When you watch Michigan State play, they do have the football mentality. I'd like to think that we have the same thing. It's going to be a very physical and aggressive game in the paint that is what it is going to come down to."

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