Dominic James to the NBA

Marquette sophomore point guard Dominic James held a press conference at the Al McGuire Center thsi afternoon to announce that he will enter his name into the NBA draft. was there....

Dominic James held a press conference today to announce that he is entering his name in the 2007 NBA draft.

"At the beginning of the year me and Coach (Crean) sat down and discussed my goals as a player individually and my goal was to have this option at the end of the year, and as of right now from the information that we've gotten from credible sources is that the option is there for me so I am going to go ahead and take full advantage of the opportunity."

"This is a goal I have been working towards my whole life and I feel like I'm ready and I can see where I am at as a player. Nothing has changed for now, I'm still working out with my team, still listening to coach every day, going through the workouts."

As to why this year, Dominic explained, "There are not as many point guards going into the draft and I need to take full advantage of that. I also feel that I can go out and show the NBA GMs and scouts what I am all about as a player."

Dominic is looking for a guarantee of sorts to be a first round draft pick. "Coach told me that if I wanted to go early that I need to be a first round draft pick and that is what I am working towards."

Dominic is keeping his options open, "I'm not hiring an agent so so that is going to allow me to come back next year if I decide to come back."

Dominic said that he still plans on graduating with a degree from Marquette University, "That is a promise. I made that promise to my grandparents and my mom and I will keep that promise." will have more on this story throughout the day....

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