Majerus Talks to Krause About MU & Wisconsin

Time Warner Cable now features local sports on Ch 32. The signature program is "The Dennis Krause Show", hosted by longtime Milw sportscaster Dennis Krause. Saint Louis coach Rick Majerus was his guest recently and Dennis gave exclusive permission to provide a transcript from the interview. In this segment the Milwaukee native talks about Marquette and Wisconsin....

Dennis Krause: And we continue now our conversation with St. Louis Coach Rick Majerus talking about college basketball, the Badgers and Golden Eagles. How would you assess them for 2006-'07?

Rick Majerus: They (Wisconsin) should not let the tournament diminish the accomplishments of the regular season because they did have very good seasons. In this day and age somehow, you get caught up with that and that's the first thing.

The second thing is I thought, too, Wisconsin might have got caught off a little bit with the media blitz. They had that ESPN 360 access. Although I work for ESPN and love it, and it is the world leader, I would never let them have that access. I never would have allowed my team to do that, too distracting. They had HBO there for example. And I think you can see the players and they have such good kids and I know it did not affect Bo's work ethic, but I think there is something to be said for the intrusiveness of that or the subliminal distraction that the media can become if you allow that much access.

Dennis Krause: You mentioned earlier Alando Tucker, you don't think he's going to be an outstanding pro? Where do you think he'll go in the draft?

Rick Majerus: That's a good question, but there's no doubt it only takes one team to like you. I love his heart. And I like his competitiveness and I like the fact he's been well coached and he's a team player. He's a bad size. He's not really a four, too small for a four, not really a three. He's going to have to kind of reinvent himself like Corless Williamson did with Arkansas, what James Posey's (Miami) done. We talked about him earlier in Miami. You know he is going to have to really get consistent and the guys will become better shooters in the NBA, Posey for example, but he's a little bit bankrupt shooting the ball and he's got that bad size component going for him. But you know what? You want to look down that bench and have a friend there and a tough kid who is ready to answer the call and can be a stalwart defender. I feel Tucker is going to go into the second round, but I'm not sure. I hope he goes first round. He wanted to take care of his mom, start a boys club for kids. I mean you just got to love the guy. I really like the guy but I'm just being honest, but you know what, I hope I'm really wrong. I hope I've got egg all over my face because I pull for him.

Dennis Krause: What do you think about the Badgers for next season? I mean they lose Alando Tucker. They lose Kam Taylor. They lose Chappell who did a lot of the dirty work that maybe wasn't appreciated by the general public, what are they going to be like next year?

Rick Majerus: Krabbenhoft is going to emerge like Wilkinson did and look to become more of a scorer. He's got a nice shot. He should get down and score on that low block. He's the king of the loose ball, the long rebound, and I love that about him. I said this all the time when I went up there.

When I watched them practice, I thought the best player on the court ability wise, was Trevon Hughes, the guard from St. John's Delafield. I think he's going to be a terrific college guard. Don't forget he came into the Marquette game and put out the fire of the James kid and then they used him on a couple of other occasions very well. He just had such a log jam there (at guard). I think Taylor got a little bit slap happy with some shot selection and to Bo's credit, I think he allowed him that as well he probably should have. He has been loyal to the program and that type of thing. I think they could be very good.

Dennis Krause: My two questions about Marquette: summarize what you thought of them last season and what they'll be next season.

Rick Majerus: A good year last year. I love Ousmane Barro because I pull for him. He's a great kid. He's their center, their five man. Like all players who are Americanized so to speak, he doesn't have that feel for where to move and when the ball is coming. He gives you great heart effort. Hopefully, he loosens up a little bit. He has a paralysis by analysis and hopefully he will loosen up a little bit and enjoy his role. Jerel McNeal, best defender in the Big East. Maybe best competitor in the Big East. I love that kid. Their best player by far.

I think that Matthews is untouched. I think he'll have another quantum leap this year, incredible talent. He's got a middle game, can defend, passes well. For a kid who could be a high scorer, he's in a very good situation at reading the correct paths.

They've got to come around and find the four or five. They've got to get some things. They've got to get some inside help. I think they miss Novak much more as a rebounder and defender not to mention they knew they would miss his shooting. Joe Chapman was an integral player. It's not always about give good guys. It's about the team and Joe went over to Europe and I think sometimes he was unheralded, and not underappreciated by the Marquette coaching staff but by the fans.

I think Marquette will be a top four, or top three Big East team next year. With those three guys coming back with that experience, their cohesive together. Barro being a senior. How many guys have great senior seasons? Lazar Hayward could come out again. I heard they had a good recruiting class and if that's the case, you never I never count all the kids until I see them with books under their arm on the campus, and then in conjunction with that, you don't count them until you watch them perform.

Dennis Krause: And that's our show. Our thanks to Rick Majerus and thanks to you for watching. We'll see you next time on Time Warner Sports.

**This segment was printed with permission by Dennis Krause of Time Warner Sports. Krause is a two time winner of the Wisconsin Sportscaster of the year and is the Programming Manager for Time Warner Sports. Time Warner Sports can be found on Time Warner channel 32. You can also reach their website at: Time Warner Sports 32

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