Dennis Krause's Roundtable: Vancouver Trip

Dennis Krause's Roundtable on Time Warner Sports is one of the best sports shows in Wisconsin. Dennis had Steve Haywood and Bill Johnson as his guests recently and here are some of their comments about Marquette as well as some coments from Tom Crean and some of the Golden Eagles....

Dennis Krause's Roundtable on Time Warner Sports has developed into one of the best sports shows in the state of Wisconsin. On a recent show Dennis had Steve Haywood and Bill Johnson as his guests. Here are some of their comments about Marquette as well as some coments from some of the Golden Eagles....

Wes Matthews: On expectations for this year's team...

"They are very high. Of course, they're high. They were high last year. They are high this year. They are going to be high next year. We are going to take it one game at a time. One practice at a time and see what happens."

Dominic James: "One of the reasons I came back to Marquette was to win a national championship. What I believe here is I want to be known as a winner and we must advance in the tournament."

Jerel McNeal: "If everyone stays healthy and does what they are capable of doing, we will I am sure be able to compete for a national championship."

Dennis Krause: Marquette Golden Eagles as they get ready for a trip to Vancouver as we send out our producer Tom Kurtz and photo journalist Nick McCoy to talk to them about the upcoming trip.

Coach Crean: " I think it's great. That's what we set this whole trip for with that in mind was to give ourselves an edge, give ourselves an opportunity. I think it's made our summer be very focused and this is only our second day of having the full team together. We are trying to measure how competitive we can be and how much our execution can get built right now and just get everybody acclimated."

Jerel McNeal: "The big advantage of getting people together to practice we get everybody back early, get a couple days of practice in --- it will be a real good experience for us going to Vancouver. A lot of the younger guys haven't been around much this summer and we'll be able to get our team chemistry going. Great to get together during the Labor Day weekend and have some fun together.

Dominic James: "The open practice was great. It is one thing to play in practice and it is another to play out in front of your friends and family. We have an experienced ball club. We need to get the younger players to know what it will be like in the Big East.

Wesley Matthews: It gives us a head start. It allows us to ‘gel' and gets the new guys introduced as to how we do things. Let us get back into the flow of things."

Tom Crean: I think it is chemistry… some real solid one on one time…we wont do a lot of sight seeing...we have two games per day. It is important to come out if there with an identity...we comeback knowing that we have good players who can do different things…we can get a fell for what we can do..

Dennis Krause: These trips are great for a team. It gives them an early start to a highly anticipated season.

Steve Haywood: Trips like this are very important to est an identity with the players and the new coaching staffs…and it is important for Dominic, Jerel and Wesley to est a leadership on the team where you can have adverse situations in preparation for the season…and focus in…they could possibly have an Elite 8 team if the match-ups fall right next yr…

Dennis Krause Our producer Tom Kurtz also said that PG Maurice Acker looked particularly good at the open practice. How good can they be?

Bill Johnson: I think they are going to be good. Dominic James took a lot of hits in the public relations standpoint when he was deciding whether to go out for the NBA draft. People really picked his game apart. ..and part of that was deserved. The expectations were so high; no one could have lived up to it. They come back...they are talented…a yr older…Hayward is better…you mentioned Acker….I think they are going to be good.

Steve Haywood: They took it personal…the big three…when people told them what they did not do last year.

Bill Johnson: That coach does the ‘us against them' better than anyone. That is still one of the most effective motivators in the world.

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