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So, when Marquette fans were sulking about a recruiting loss, where was Tom Crean?

1/2 hour after Iman Shumpert made his announcement to take a pass on Marquette in favor of Georgia Tech, message board posters were bummed, devastated, doubting, questioning, screaming, moaning and bitching about about various things......

What about Tom Crean? Where was he and what was he doing?

1/2 hour after Shumpert told Crean the news, was he bummed? Devastated? Doubting? Questioning? Screaming? Moaning or bitching?

No, not Tom Crean, he doesn't have the time for that. Crean was walking up to the podium in New York to deliver a speech to Marquette Alumni telling them why they should be so excited about the upcoming season, the future, and also why they should be proud of and continue their physical, emotional and financial support of Marquette University.

If you are a true fan of Marquette, don't ever lose sight of the fact that Tom Crean is out there doing everything he can to continue building YOUR TEAM and YOUR SCHOOL through thick and thin. Stick with him, Tom Crean is driven to succeed at Marquette and he will continue to deliver!

Now, how about those new unis?

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