Coach K heaps praise on Marquette

Mike Krzyzewski's postgame comments about Marquette:


Mike Krzyzewski's postgame comments about Marquette:

"It's an honor to play Marquette. Their history…Coach McGuire was one of my dear friends and he established a tradition of excellence there that Tom has now taken over and done an incredible job [with].

"Coming into the tournament we felt Marquette was the most veteran and most explosive team. When you return five starters, and being a Big East team, they're going to be way ahead of other people, and their performance thus far has shown that. I hope that our tem has the energy and stamina to play a game like that because you have to play a great game to beat Marquette.

"I think Marquette right now has got to be one of the top teams in the country with that depth on the perimeter. They have five kids that can play on that perimeter.

"I followed Marquette when I was in grade school in Chicago, Catholic and everything. I've always admired them. If all my daughters would say who their favorite coach is besides me, hopefully, they would say Al McGuire. We've always had a lot of good feelings towards Marquette."

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