Getting to Know Trevor Mbakwe

Get to know 6-7 PF Trevor Mbakwe by reading our interview from last October, days before his knee surgery.

DOS: Why did you select Marquette? What other schools were involved and why did you end up coming to Marquette?

Trevor: "Coach Crean was the one who was first offering me a scholarship (in H.S.) my sophomore year. There was Iowa State and a couple others. I felt I had the greatest relationship with him from the last two years, then I came to a couple practices and I knew this was the place I wanted to be. It's close to home and it competes in the Big East and has national recognition. I would have a chance to play with guys like Dominic and Wes and Jerel. They all played parts in me coming here.

DOS: What are your impressions so far? The team needs a post rebounding presence. You definitely give them an athletic post option.

Trevor: "A lot of people talk about my post defense and I think it's pretty good. With guys leaving (Kinsella and Lott), I knew I had a place to come in and be able to play right away and that became a factor in choosing Marquette. And I know that's what they are counting on me to do my freshman year and that's the role I am going to play and hopefully it will help us win.

DOS: I saw you play twice here at the Al Center. As a Jr playing for Sibley HS, you played with your back to the basket. As a Sr for St Bernard's, you played facing the basket. Describe your game. It's pretty versatile.

Trevor. Yes, Coach stresses a lot about me being able to guard little guys and to be able to use my quickness against bigger and slower guys so that's why I try to play my game and use my athleticism and my power to help me score better.

DOS: You broke your nose in high school. Hitting the backboard.. Tell us about that.

Trevor: Yes, my sophomore year in our summer league, I was going to block a shot and I was coming from half court and I had blocked the shot and then I ended up hitting my nose on the backboard, so I broke it and I had to wear a face mask for like two years. I had surgery on it twice, but it's a funny story to tell. It was a freak accident.

DOS: What are your impressions of some of the new players in your Freshman Class- Scott Christopherson and Patrick Hazel?

Trevor: Scott is a great shooter. He's very smart. He knows a lot about basketball. I never played with a guy like him. He's great and I'm looking forward to the next four years with him.

DOS: Patrick Hazel. People are calling you "the twins."

Trevor: "Yes, a lot of people say me and Pat resemble each other. In class people ask us if we are twins or if we are brothers and stuff like that. It is very funny seeing we are from two different parts of the world. It's been interesting. Pat is a lot like me. He's athletic and very strong and very quick.

DOS: Twin sons from different mothers?

Trevor: "Pat and I don't think we look anything alike, but a lot of people say that.

DOS: Two wide bodies coming on campus. People just let you go wherever you want.

Trevor: "Yeah, well, we're around each other a lot so a lot of people think just because we're around each other and we're 6'7" and we're strong that we're automatically related.

DOS: Thanks for your time and welcome to Marquette.

Trevor: Thank you.

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