Marquette loses to Stanford 82-81 in OT

Marquette finished the 2007-08 yr with a 25-10 record after losing to Stanford, 82-81 in OT.

Coach, how do you feel about the play your big man Ousmane Barro on the Lopez brothers?

COACH CREAN: When Ousmane went down with the fouls, there's no question it changed for us a little bit, and our ball pressure wasn't as good as it needed to be to keep the ball out of the post, and that's the best form of post defense is your ball pressure. And frankly. We didn't take -- we didn't follow the game plan a couple times on a couple of moves he made inside of the game, but the shot he made at the end was a tough shot. Our big guys have gotten better, but we obviously need to keep -- you always want to improve your team in every position, and there's no doubt that, you know, as we go down the line, we've got to keep improving our inside play.

Q. Coach, considering that their coach was ejected for protesting fouls, surprised at the disparity in free throws and fouls, particularly after that point?

COACH CREAN: No, I'm not surprised. I mean, I have no idea what he did to get the technicals. You know, I saw him on the floor, but I was coaching my team, and I'll just say this: We knew they weren't going to go away. We knew Stanford was going to continue to battle and, if anything, take their intensity up another notch. And we certainly -- we matched it a lot, but we didn't match it a couple times, especially early in the second half. You know that's the disappointment to me, that we did not come out and absolutely impose our will in the second half. And whether it was a subtle jump shot, whether we just weren't as good inside, you know, that's what we have to continue to learn to do. That's the next step for this team. That's what the Big East and things prepare you for is to look for those areas where you can really take the next step, and we didn't do that. We didn't do that at the end of the first half, and we didn't do it at the beginning of the second half.

Q. Given the mismatch that you had in overtime and the situation, could you really have asked for a better defensive effort from -- I think it was Burke on the -- I mean, they seemed to have him pinned --

COACH CREAN: Again, our ball pressure wasn't nearly as good as it needed to be, and we wanted to come down off the pass. They're as good any team as in the country with those two on the blocks. I liked our zone today, but we were a step slow on the zone as the game wound down, and we had to keep that pressure on with our man-to-man, and it wasn't as good on the ball with Johnson getting it in, and we did not do a good enough job. When they made -- the toughest play made all day was the last one at the end of the game.

Q. That's what I was talking about; I mean in that situation.

COACH CREAN: He took a tough shot. I mean, he takes tough shots. The twins have a real ability to make those plays. And, you know, we knew going in -- I mean we're not -- we can't simulate two seven-footers in practice, but we could have done a better job on the scouting report as far as following the report a couple times, you know, in that post, taking away a certain shoulder. But, again, they made some tough plays. They're outstanding players, and, you know, Brook made big plays, and he caught it so deep that we couldn't get our double-team down there.

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