[Part II] The Buzz on 6-10 C Chris Otule

Here is part II of my interview with MU asst coach Buzz Williams as he discusses MU's biggest 2008 recruit, 6-10 Chris Otule.

DOS: Chris Otule grew 7 or 8 inches over a period of 18 months after his Soph yr. I have read where he played guard.

Buzz: Yeah, I think that's a good way of saying he wasn't a good player, you know what I mean? I don't think he was ever a guard. I think he was a big kid that they were trying to figure out how they could play him. He does have a younger brother who goes to a neighboring school that is not going to end up being as big as Chris, but his development like I said was delayed and your right in that he grew 6 or 7 inches during a short period of time. But he's a true five[Center].

Chris is a back to the basket guy whose body has improved some but his body is going to have to improve a lot in the next 24 to 36 months for him to be an elite level Big East player and have a chance to be in a position to play a long time in March, he's got to continue to get better. He's not there today but the guy in Texas specifically that got a lot of recruitment that he was compared to when his recruiting really heated up was J'imsion Morgan at South Oak Cliff and I've known Bobo, that's the kid's nickname at South Oak Cliff, Chris is very comparable…. probably a little bit athlete but he hasn't played near as many games, and I think that's the thing with big guys.

The best thing that Chris can do between now and the time he puts on a uniform here is play pick-up with real players and spend a couple of hours in the weight room everyday because that's what's going to determine how good he is going to be and when is it in his career that he's going to be good for us.

DOS: How would you describe his game? Is he a back-to-the-basket post player?

Buzz: Yeah, he's a true five. He can shoot a face-up 15-footer when nobody's guarding him but his game is going to have to take place in the paint. He's going to have to be guy who can rebound out of his area. He's going to have to be a guy we can throw it to inside… [a player] that can catch it, that can turn and score and I don't know that he's there every single possession right now.

A lot of that has to do with his body. When you look at the teams that we played in New York, I mean you look at Pittsburgh, those guys are big guys. You look at Georgetown, those guys are big guys. They're not just big in height, big in strength. And he's got to continue to work on his body as do most kids that are seniors in high school.

DOS: Could you compare him to someone on your current roster…say…someone like Dwight Burke. If he is a legitimate 6-10, Otule will be bigger than Dwight Burke?

Buzz: Yeah, I think he's a legitimate 6' 10". In regards to their position, I would say that's probably right to say that Chris is taller. As far as strength, not today, but he should end up getting thicker than Dwight, but Dwight pound for pound is pretty strong, but Dwight is not 6' 10". You always want to sign guys regardless of their height or strength who can play but when you start getting into 6' 10" and 250, their strength does become an issue and their height is a positive at that moment in time so I don't know.

He's a little different than Dwight. I don't know Dwight from when he got here in regards to what size he was when he arrived on campus…I think that Chris's projection in regards to what he gives us will probably be a little bit different than Dwight.

DOS: Thanks for taking time with us coach…

Buzz: Sure…

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