Rob Jeter previews the UWM vs MU game

On Saturday night, November 22, Marquette and UWM play in game #2 of the renewed series at the Bradley Center. Last year Marquette had a 100-65 victory over UWM. Panthers' head coach Rob Jeter is confident that this year's game will be much more competitive. On Time Warner's Rob Jeter Show, he told UWM play-by-play man Bill Johnson that

Marquette's senior guards are terrific, but UWM might be able to exploit Marquette underneath.Here is an excerpt of Rob Jeter with Bill Johnson:

Bill Johnson: You want to talk about some long road trips – all the way across the street to take on Marquette coming up on Saturday, the 22nd. This is a much-anticipated game. Not as much anticipation as there was leading into last year because it was the first, but I think anticipation on this end just because there is a belief that UWM is going to give a much better account of themselves than they did last year.

Rob Jeter: Well, last year there were a lot of factors going in that game. Obviously, some of the young men and to when we approached that game. We just weren't really prepared. We got caught off guard a little bit. We got caught up in the emotions of the game rather than the its of basketball game -- just to go out there, have fun, let's execute, let's take care of those things first. Because of all the fanfare and everything that was surrounding that game, there were a lot of other things that got in the way. This year that shouldn't be a factor for us. We have enough depth and enough older players now to hopefully have a chance to go out there and give Marquette a challenge. They are very talented, and that senior group that they have of guards is going to give a lot of teams a lot of problems, and we're going to do the best we can to slow them down and see if we can maybe try to do some things inside. I think that's the one area when looking at Marquette that they are still searching to find some inside pieces. Hopefully, we can get the ball inside a little bit and make more.

Bill Johnson: Well, and just to prove that a positive can come out of any game, even with the outcome of last year's Marquette game, I think that was kind of a coming out party for Deon James in a game where you guys really found out that you could count on him not just to come in and take up a few minutes but to come in and get some big shots.

Rob Jeter: Yea, I am really proud of him last year because we were really down on the campus and we were searching and looking around for an answer and then Deon came off the bench and said, "listen guys, let's just play basketball," and he really stepped up. He played well. He played with confidence and the guys really took to that, so he's kind of picked up where he left off. He's playing with the same type of confidence and that fearlessness when he attacks the basket.

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