UWM pregame quotes

Thoughts from Dominic James and Buzz William before the Golden Ealges-Panthers matchup Saturday.


On what the team needs to improve:

"I think just finding that consistency and that added motivation on the defensive end. I think it varies throughout the game how hard we play, but we understand that we need to come with that same mentality regardless of who the opponent is. And defense needs to be one of our strong suits. We can't afford to be inconsistent on that side of the floor."

On playing with the extended three-point line:

"It has opened the floor. I don't want it to be a negative and have people say we couldn't shoot from there. It's more difficult for teams to guard us that far out on the floor and I feel like it opens up more things for us. It's been very beneficial to our team."

On Buzz Willams' offense:

"I think it makes us a much more versatile team. Guys are getting a lot more touches and its not sticking in one guy's hands all the time. We don't have specific plays for individual players. We just call it ‘an offense' rather than ‘running plays.' Obviously, Wes has reaped the benefits of that. He's doing a great job along with Lazar and Jerel. But I feel like I'm still in control of the game. I feel like much more of a point guard, and I'm putting guys in situations where they can make plays. That's a good feeling as a point guard."



"I think they're really good. I think that the complexion of their team is much different than it was at this time last year. Their returning players are all better and the newcomers that they've signed have all had a distinct impact as it relates to their season and what they've been able to do. I think they were really good at Iowa State's tournament. They were down 24 at half in the second game and came back and won. And then last night [Wednesday] they were just dominant. So I think they're a much different team that they have been. Of course, I only have one year to compare, but I like their team."

On UWM head coach Rob Jeter:

"He's been a very god person to me since I've been hired. I think that he really cares, not only about his program, but about the city of Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin just because he's a native. So he has a lot more roots here than I do and he knows a lot more people. But he's been very, very kind to me. He's called several times to ask if there was anything he could do to help. Not just a UWM coach to a Marquette coach, but a coaching fraternity – ‘Hey happy for ya'. I've been here. What's going on?' I think that says a lot about his character."

On the lopsided rivalry record:

"I'm not sure, but I think the scorekeepers and the box score people are going to be here for our game on Saturday, so it'll count on Saturday. And I don't think when they tip it up we'll be ahead 35-0, so it really has no impact on the game whatsoever."

On 340-pound UWM forward James Eayrs:

"He doesn't look the part but you look at his numbers and what he does – he plays the part. He plays the part, and he's really effective. God makes them in all different shapes and sizes. He shoots the ball really fast. And when he shoots it about 85 percent of their bench stands up before he even shoots because they think it's a basket."

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