Catching up with Coach Bruce Rosebrock

The Wolfson (Fla.) High School head coach talks to about 2010 commit Aaron Bowen. How has Aaron Bowen performed so far this season?

Rosebrock: Aaron is [contributing] 15 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists and less than one turnover a game. Those numbers could be a little higher but you have to understand we are a very good high school team. We are 22-2 right now and ranked No. 2 in the state. We have 6 seniors that can all play. Aaron's numbers will go up a lot next year.

What are Aaron's strengths at this point?

Aaron's strengths are his ability to score points in many different ways. He really goes to the rim strong and likes to play above the rim.

What will Aaron have to improve upon the most before heading to Marquette?

Aaron will have to improve on the defensive side of the ball – we are always going over film about his defense, and he does have the desire to get better...and he will. On defense, he needs to improve his knowledge of the game. Like a lot of young players, they love to play offense but don't really understand the work that has to be put in on the defensive end of the court. That's why we watch a lot of film together.

Has Aaron taken a leadership position on your squad or deferred to Chris Rozier and the rest of the seniors?

At times Aaron shows leadership qualities, but I really make that the job of ALL of my seniors.

How does Aaron compare to past D1 players that you have had?

Aaron has the ability to be just as good as everyone who played at Wolfson and went on to the next level. When all is said and done, he will probably be in the top 5 scorers of all time at Wolfson. What Aaron needs to do to get to that level is to have a ‘take over the game' attitude all of the time, and I think he will next year when he is a senior.

Marquette is loosing three senior guards that all can score the basketball at a high percentage. How well does Aaron shoot the basketball?

Aaron is 53 percent on two-pointers, 26 percent from three-point range, and 79 percent from the foul line. His three-point percentage is down from last year (34 percent) and that is something we will work on a lot when the season ends.

Does he play strictly on the perimeter for your squad? I know not all high school teams have the luxury of height, so I was wondering if he played in the post at all.

Aaron plays mostly on the wing, however in last years district title game he had a small guard on him so we would post him up several times. Even though he plays on the wing he does like to have the ball thrown to him at the rim.

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