The Legacy of The Triplets

What is the true legacy of the 2005 recruiting class? The triplets? Dominic, Jerel, Wes and Dwight? It is more than 92 wins, four consecutive Big East seasons with ten or more wins and four consecutive NCAA titles. The answer: They have set a foundation for future Marquette teams.

Marquette Head Coach Buzz Williams says, "I think the legacy that they leave is player speaks for itself. From a statistical standpoint, wins, losses, NCAA Tournament, potentially four straight years, what they have been able to do from the transition into the Big East that was the first class that competed at Marquette and Big East play."

"They are going to graduate on time but who they are and the legacy that they'll leave as people I think will last a long, long time because of the imprint they have had on our program. That's the measuring stick of the incoming recruits not only this year but in future years. I think their legacy is both on and off the court, almost pristine."

We asked Wes Matthews and his senior teammates what they want to be remembered for. "We want to be remembered for being winners. That says it all."

And I think Wes has it right. These guys are winners.

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