Interview with 2010 Recruit Monterale Clark

Here is my interview with Monterale Clark, 6' 10" forward from Hill Junior College who committed to Marquette[2010 class]. Clark is being groomed as a face up power forward and small forward. He was visiting the MU campus on Selection Sunday. In high school, Clark played at MIlw Rufus King and Pius. This past season at Hillsboro, he averaged 17 pts, 11 reb and 1 block per game.

DoddsOnSports: I first saw you play at the Tom Crean's 2006 elite camp with guest speaker Bill Russell. That was 3 yrs ago before your senior year. Tell us where you are playing now.

Clark: Right now I am down at Hill Junior College in Hillsboro, Texas. Three yrs ago at the elite camp I wanted to come to Marquette but did not have the chance. This yr the chance came so I decided to come here. I wanted to come back home and be with my family and friends This is a big opportunity for me to play in the Big East.

#32 Monterale Clark, Hill College.

DOS: When did Marquette first contact you? Was it Coach Williams or Coach Crean ?

Clark: Coach Crean was interested in me and before he had left he wanted me to come to Indiana, but I decided that I was going to weigh my options and decide which school I wanted to be playing at… so I decided Marquette would be the best place for me.

DOS: Who is your AAU coach?

Clark:. Chianti Clay, with the Milwaukee Spartans He's a real big part of my career and helps me with my decisions along with my mom.

DOS: What was the name of the team that you play for?

Clark: I played for the Milwaukee Spartans.

DOS: In addition to getting stronger, what part of your game are you working on now?

Clark: Yeah, I'm working on my strength, ball handling, placing up to the rim. When I come in, they want me to play the three[SF] and four{PF], so I'm just working on my face up shooting.

DOS: When I saw you at the elite camp, I was intrigued at how you could get into the cylinder to bother shots…and you look at least 20 pounds heavier.

Clark: Yeah. Right now I am at 6-10 210 and when you saw me there, I was just trying to crash the boards, get easy points, trying to get the ball to the guards . Every now and then I was going to shoot….just trying to put it back so we could get a win.

DOS: You have one more year at the junior college and then you're going to be here for 2010. What do they have you working on for the next year?

Clark: Well, down there they've just got me working on ball handling and shooting. I guess when I get here, they want me to be playing the three, so I'll be working on my ball handling and facing up to the rim.

Dodds: Really, they have you playing as a three? At 6-10?

Clark: Yeah, that's why I love playing the three position. I've been playing the three since I started playing basketball..

DOS: Welcome to Marquette.

Clark: Thanks.

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