Interview with D Wade at Al McGuire Center

Dwyane Wade returned to the MU campus on Friday to promote his Wade's World Foundation at a luncheon held at the Al McGuire Center. AFter the lunch, D Wade addressed the media including this reporter.

DOS: Here's Dwyane Wade at the Al McGuire Center

Dennis Krause: Regarding your partnership, how important is it to you and your foundation with the Boys & Girls Club at Marquette?

Wade: Well, it's huge. First of all, for the community in Miami but also in Madison. Not only to be a part of Marquette University once again in a very big way to help kids out but also to be a part of the Boys & Girls Club. To me the Boys & Girls Club is like a brand. That's something you want to be a part of. You want to go to them and be a part of them. When we teamed up together, that was one of the best team connections I have had so far, so I'm excited.

Dennis Krause: You have had a lot of honors in your life. What is the one in 2009 as far as the Marquette Hall of Fame mean because it's a team honor -- that whole Final Four squad.

Wade: Well, it's going to be great. First of all, just to get together with the guys today, reminisce. As you start to get older, reminiscing and talking about the past is what you have and just remember the great things we did here to help build this university as a basketball power back to where it should be and where it was and just to know this, I mean people just don't walk into these doors into the Hall of Fame, so to be one of those guys now I'm sure we're all going to be very excited and feel very blessed about that.

Jim Ganzer: Last night, back at your high school, they taped the homecoming for Dwayne Wade. Tonight, presenting this partnership and tomorrow the Hall of Fame. As a whole, how does this weekend really feel to you? What does this mean to you?

Wade: It's a celebration weekend I guess of me and I'm not the kind of person who likes to celebrate myself too much but it's just been a great week to really be acknowledged for certain things you do whether it's on the court as the Hall of Fame induction or the homecoming or whether it's off the court with the partnership with the Boys & Girls Club and Marquette University, so it just shows me I have to continue to keep working harder if I continue to get more of those things down the line.

Jim Ganzer: Regarding the partnership with the Boys & Girls Club, how long has this been in the works to get to this point today?

Wade: Well, it's been in the works throughout the year. It's something we really wanted to get and we wanted to make sure it was a special time to release it, to let it be known that this partnership between Marquette University and the Boys & Girls Club and the Wade's World Foundation was finally going to happen and what better time than right before the induction into the Hall of Fame for the 2003 Final Four team, so it worked out perfectly.

DOS: Do you still keep in touch with any of your 2003 teammates?

Wade: Yeah. Some of them I still talk to of course. Robert Jackson is a real good friend of mine. I can't keep him out of my house in Chicago and in Miami. Of course I see Travis and Steve when we play against those guys. We go out to dinner. I see other guys as well who come to certain events I do, so certain guys I do stay in touch with. Of course I still stay in touch with my coach, Coach Crean, from 2003, so we're all a family and whenever we get back together, it's the family times and tonight we will enjoy those times again.

Dennis Krause: Buzz wasn't here with you, but what do you think about what he did his first year at Marquette?

Wade: It was a solid first year. I have high expectations for Marquette University and Buzz but they are going to have to do better than my Final Four team before I can give them the praise that they deserve. But they did great. He had a good seasoned team, a lot of seasoned senior players. Of course, we want them to go farther but they had a pretty decent year and the main thing is they represented themselves with class win, lose or draw in the Big East so he is on the right path.

DOS: When you come back her to campus, what do you think of? What is your first memory when you step on campus?

Wade: The first memory when I come back is probably the walks from class to class. Looking at the University it's from 9th to 17th. That was a long walk getting from class to class, just remembering all the times and most of it is on campus and what we did most of the time with my teammates – just the good old days. Of course, basketball is always a great memory because of the great things we did here in such a short period of time and my two seasons of playing ball here so there will always be memories.

Todd Rosiak: What stands out most during that Final Four run, what do you remember most?

Wade: Just the way our team came together. I think all season we were very close but especially when we hit the tournament we really just came together and were playing some of the best basketball that I have been a part of from every position on the court. The atmosphere the coach had us in, he really had us in a family atmosphere where everyone was each other's brothers and we would have done anything for each other and that makes for a special, special memory.

Todd Rosiak: Where does that triple double against Kentucky rank for you in terms of individual basketball memories that you have?

Wade: It always ranks high because there are a lot great players that I run into in the NBA but there are not a lot of players who can say they have triple doubles in college or even in the Final Four. I know LaBron and Kobe didn't go to college but they missed out on an opportunity to get a triple double that I get to talk about so often, so it's something I can always bring even when I get old and gray, I can still talk about how I am one of the few who got a triple double in an NCAA tournament.

DOS: I spoke to CBS's Vern Lunquist who broadcast the Kentucky game with Bill Raftery and he said your play versus Kentucky was the greatest performance by an amateur he had ever seen.

Wade: That's very high praise. That game was just phenomenal. I think us as a team really went out there and took advantage of an opportunity we had just to show the world that we were really here that we arrived and we were playing against a team (Kentucky) that was projected to win it all. They were on a 26-game winning streak. It couldn't be written any better for us. We went out there and played our best game of the year from all facets and not only from me but from Robert Jackson, Steve Novak, Travis Diener. Everyone played their role to perfection and it ended up being an unbelievable game.

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