MU Scouting Report on Reggie Smith

MU has been intrigued by Smith for several yrs….he is 6-1 combo guard at Thornton Township which is in Harvey Ill…we had a scouting report on Smith earlier this summer provided by Roy Schmidt of the Illinois Bullesye Prep Report….In our interview, Roy mentioned that Smith had an outstanding Jr yr…was actually 1st or 2nd team ‘all state' by many sources….great athlete…high energy guy…intensity…

..…great nose of the ball…really good in open floor and on the break..makes things happen….the only knock on Smith is that he is a ‘tweener'…not really locked into a PG or 2 G position…this means that he still must work on ball handling and jump shot…but he has improved in both areas…you put him on the floor and don't worry about position because he plays so hard..….according to Roy, Marquette has developed a reputation as the place for any guard who plays hard and is a high energy player…those players will be attractive to Marquette and on their radar screen…..

Reggie Smith's scouting report sounds very much like Jerel McNeal's scouting report coming out of HS in 2005.

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