T'was the Night Before MU Christmas

A festive tale for all Golden Eagles fans to help ring out a Merry Christmas.

T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the Big East

Not a player was stirring, and J-May had been released.

Buzz Williams was sipping sweet tea for his throat,

While Fanatics (of age) downed pints of Horny Goat.

MU's backcourt was struggling, which made scoring tough,

And had most alums saying, ‘Vander can't come soon enough.'

And with scoring tough, Lazar Hayward was stressing.

Given his shooting struggles, he's certainly pressing.

Still he kept the team afloat with his work ethic inside.

He's listed at 6'6", though he probably lied.

Jimmy Butler's been efficient. That should come as no shock.

The offense always run smooth when 33 has the rock.

Dwight Buycks started off hot, but has since fell below.

But fear not Marquette, DJO's stole the show!

With his ambidextrous drives, and his sharp outside range,

He might just force MU's starting lineup to change.

Cuby and Acker have proved themselves tough, gritty ballers.

It's just a shame that neither is getting any taller.

Buzz expected Junior Cadougan to run the point in '09,

But a torn Achilles in the fall has him nailed to the pine.

The injury bug claimed Chris Otule as well,

Though he told it, in German, to ‘Please go to Schnell.'

And after J-May's departure, Joe Fulce now must prove

That, besides Buzz imitations, he too has post moves.

Whether hurt or departed, all their fates are sealed.

And the rest of the team's character will now be revealed.

The Big East looks tough once again, from top to bottom, they say,

And it makes it even tougher when with but nine guys you play.

But Buzz will get MU through this season, on this he does insist.

Though fans hope he has Wayne Blackshear on his next Christmas list.

As he went off to recruit, we heard him shout with all his might,

‘Happy Big East season to all, and to all a good night!'

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