Part 2: Buzz Recruiting Targets- Late Signing

Part 2….in our three part series on what Buzz Williams is doing to fill the final two roster spots for next year's team. Last week, Coach Williams was out on the road looking for guys who dribble, pass and shoot. Yes he is looking for bigs but he is not passing up a quality smaller player who has the skills of a ‘Lazar Hayward.'

"Some may think Lazar Hayward plays out of position. ‘ said Williams, "But on offense, Lazar can do things anywhere on the court, so he is a ‘hard guard' for the defense.

Buzz is looking for similar multi dimensional players. When he evaluates next year's Marquette team, he divides his team up in to ‘non dribble' guys and ‘dribble' guys. The non dribble guys will be the non Freshmen players such as red shirt Soph Center Chris Otule, Soph forward Erik Williams and 7-2 C Yous Mbao. The ‘dribble guys' for 2010-11 will all be freshman…injury red shirt Freshman Junior Cadougan, Freshman swing guard Vander Blue and Freshman PG/2G Reggie Smith.

According to Coach Williams, recruiting and projecting future team needs is an inexact science. One year ago, who would have believed how important little used guard David Cubillan would become to the 2009-10 team or that Jimmy Butler would be one of the top two players on the team ?

When leaving on a recruiting trip during the season requires careful planning. Buzz says you need to see four or five recruits in a day to be most efficient. He said, ‘The best guys need to see your face.'

What about transfers? Anything on the horizon?

"We can take one up until Monday. If we had a chance at a good one, I would take him. In 16 yrs of college coaching, this is the worst group of mid-semester Xmas transfers... You have to be careful not to take someone else's problem. ‘

Here is a 6 minute audio of my interview.

In part 3, we will discuss how invaluable his previous coaching contacts were last year when he found Darius Johnson-Odom during late signing period.

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