DJ Newbill Headed to Big East

Marquette head coach Buzz Williams recieved a commitment from 6'3 guard DJ Newbill from Strawberry Mansion, PA, adding another talented player to an already strong recruiting class. We caught up with Newbill to discuss his commitment...

Marquette picked up two victories today, one over UConn in Storrs, CT, the other on the recruiting trail as Devonte "DJ" Newbill, a 6'3 guard from Strawberry Mansion, PA offered up a commitment to play for Buzz Williams and the Golden Eagles.

"It feels great," said Newbill, "Marquette has great coaches. Their whole team works hard and plays hard. You get better playing in their system, and they will get the most out of you."

The difference maker in the Leading the recruitment for Newbill was the coaching staff, and the recruitment was led by Marquette assistant coach Scott Monarch. "Coach Monarch is a great guy. He is really cool, and like Buzz Williams, he's real. They keep it real, they doesn't tell you what you want to hear, they tell you what you need to hear. I really think coach Williams has the best intentions in helping kids out, in helping them to develop."

Newbill lists West Virginia, Drexel, Nebraska, Niagra, LaSalle, St. Joe's & Temple as the schools that recruited him the hardest. Despite the fact that most of those schools are close to home, the chance to play for Marquette in the Big East was just too much to pass up. "Playing in the Big East is really a dream come true. Growing up I never imagined I would play in the Big East, it's the hardest conference in the country. Every single game in that conference is crazy. Every one his hard fought and competitive."

The 6'3 guard also lists the facilities at Marquette as one of the reasons he selected the Golden Eagles. "Looking at their practice facility and the Bradley Center – It's crazy. They put a lot of money into their program, and that shows you how much their basketball program means to them. Playing in the Bradley Center? I can't wait."

On the court Newbill feels he will fit right in with the Golden Eagles, but knows there is a lot of work to be done. "I feel I have a strong basketball IQ, especially when it comes to making plays. Overall my shot is good, but the strongest part of my game is my mid-range pull up jumper. I can also create off the dribble too. Heading to the Big East, I need to work to improve every part of my game, but I need to focus on speed, quickness and getting my body stronger."

Newbill was at Marquette's Elite Camp over the summer, and one thing that really stood out to him was the way the Marquette players interacted with one another. "I think my teammates would describe me as a good person, both on and off the court. We all get along, we treat each other like family, and that is what I saw at Marquette. The weren't just basketball players, they were a family – everyone there, they were a family, and that means a lot."

With the family aspect meaning so much to Newbill, what does his family think about him heading to Milwaukee? "My family is very excited for me. My mom doesn't really follow college basketball, so she wanted me to stay close to home, but she is glad that I will be playing at a place where she can follow me, the Big East is always on TV. Everyone in my family is happy for me to go to Marquette, but they would have supported me no matter where I would have gone."

Off the court Newbill describes himself as a normal kid. "I like to hang out with my friends and have fun. I like to go to movies, go skating, bowling or play video games."

Newbill was at Marquette's Elite camp over the summer, so he has been to campus, but he has yet to visit Marquette officially, but does plan to visit for a game later in the season.

So what does Marquette's newest recruit have to say to Marquette fans? "If you saw Marquette's win over UConn today, you know how hard Marquette plays, and I can't wait to be a part of that!"

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