Travelog – Cincinnati

An account of our fabulous journey to the Buckeye State.

We packed our bags pre-flight, zero-hour…. Wait, sorry. Wrong story.

We packed our bags and left Milwaukee around 10:00.

Unlike our last trip to the Ohio Valley, we did not stop for food in Indianapolis this time. When we did eat, it was sandwiches out of a cooler.

We realized that we had left Indiana when the landscape once again became interesting. There were lots of steep, forested hills. Some had houses. Some had hotels. One had a thrift store.

We successfully navigated the one-way streets of Cincinnati and found our hotel. And were it not for the vigilance of the front desk, we would have also successfully lost my cell phone.

On a recommendation from a friend, we had dinner at the Blackfinn - hearty burgers and draft beers for less than nine bucks apiece. The bartender told us the place was hopping the night before. Later we found out that Girls Gone Wild had been there.

After dinner, we walked down to the riverfront between Paul Brown Stadium and The Great American Ballpark. The Reds' park was just as advertised, with statues, an interesting team shop and a colorful paddleboat in centerfield. We decided to come back to see a game there some time when the park wasn't covered in snow.

A guy standing on the street told us the space between the two stadiums was being turned into condos – complete with a shops, a park, and cascading waterfalls that led down to the river. At this point, the buildings looked more interesting across the river in Kentucky. But we gave them credit –at least they were actually building stuff in this economy.

The next day we putzed around for a few hours before heading over to Fifth-Third Arena for the 2:00 PM local tip. After several minutes of trying to convince the press attendant that the place should be called Arena-and-Two-Thirds, he finally let us inside.

During the game we were vastly impressed by both the meatless Mongolian barbecue in the press room and the PA announcer's ability to pronounce names correctly.

Our one-day tour of southern Ohio thus completed, we high-tailed it back to Milwaukee with the ever-comforting knowledge that we had unfinished homework due the next day.

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