Get to Know Jamail Jones

Jamail Jones is a 6'5", 180 lb. Small forward from Montverde, Florida. Jamail was the first freshman to report this summer so he has been working at the Al McGuire Center the longest out of all the newcomers. I had a chance to interview Jamail Jones at the Milwaukee Pro Am Basketball Tournament.

DoddsOnSports (DOS  Welcome to Marquette.


Jamail Jones (JJ):  Thank you.


DOS:  You obviously selected Marquette but what other colleges were you looking at while you were being recruited?


JJ:  My top five were Marquette, Xavier, Miami, Tennessee and Oklahoma. 


DOS:  Who first contacted you from Marquette?


JJ:  Right before my junior year, Aki Collins (Marquette Assistant Coach) came up to my high school to recruit me.  He developed a really good relationship with me over the two years he recruited me.  As time passed, we became real close and I just knew Marquette would be my home.


DOS:  Describe your game.  I saw you a little bit on ESPNâ??s high school tournament last April.


JJ:  I like to shoot it but I can mix it up by putting it on the floor and taking it to the hoop.  Iâ??ll play any position coach wants me to play as long as I can help my team.  I guess I would play the three and bring whatever I need to bring for us to win.


DOS:  How tall are you?


JJ:  A little over  6-5


DOS:  When I look at you, you are built very much like Wesley Matthews was at the same time in 2005.


JJ (smiling):  I have heard that a lot. 


DOS:  And based on events from the past week (signing with Portland), ultimately that might be a good thing.


JJ:  A real good thing.


DOS:  Are you more of a shooting G or small forward?


JJ:  I am more of a 3 right now but Iâ??m still working on my handle and trying to tighten up my game a little bit.  I want to learn how to better play the 2 spot but if I have to stay at 3, I would be happy to do it.


DOS:  What strikes me about your three point jump shot is how quickly you can catch, load, jump and release.  It is a very quick shot.  Have you been working on that specifically, getting it up quick?


JJ:  I have been told that my shot is quick and I rarely have somebody block my shot.  The person I watch the most in the NBA right now is Ray Allen.


DOS:  How is your free throw shooting?  Is it like Ray Allenâ??s 95 percentage?


JJ:  I try to shoot it like Ray Allen from the line.  I was about 86per cent  last year.


DOS:  Have you gotten to know Marquette trainer Todd Smith?


JJ:  I know Todd Smith real well right now.  I have gotten to know him real well since Iâ??ve been here.  I was one of the first ones here (summer) so we were able to work one-on-one in the weight room together.  I was the only freshman who was here at the time.  Since I have been working, now people tell me I look like one of the veterans.  My friends at home saw my interview on the internet and I was getting text messages saying, â??Wow, I canâ??t believe how big you got.â??


DOS:  How about a scouting report on some of the newcomers?  Vander Blue.


JJ:  Van is a real good guy.  He can shoot it.  He puts on the floor very well.  He is a very good teammate and he is going to be a vital piece of our team.


DOS:  PG Reggie Smith.


JJ:  Reggie is quick, athletic, very wiry athlete.  He has a lot of skills that can help us.


DOS:  Devante Gardner.


JJ:  My boy, Devante.  He is a very agile big man.  Heâ??s got very quick feet.  We still need to run the court a little bit better but when he gets that down, heâ??ll be a very big piece for us down in the block.


DOS:  You are Jamail but now MU has a Jamil,â?¦ Jamil Wilson who transferred from Oregon.  Tell us about him.


JJ:  People get us mixed up a lot of times.  He has a very nice mid-range game and a very good outside shot.  He can play on the floor, dribble and defend.  He is really going to help us.  Wow, we have a very good freshman class.


DOS:  Jae Crower, have you had an opportunity to meet him yet?


JJ:  No, I have not played with him yet.  He is coming in this weekend so I will meet him this weekend.  I heard he can shoot it and heâ??s going to be a lot like Lazar.  Weâ??ll see.  I hope he is.


DOS:  Thanks for your time and welcome to Marquette.


JJ:  Thank you.

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