South Charleston Practice Goes Well For Herd

Marshall football took to the grass at South Charleston's Oakes Field on Saturday for the second annual practice held at the historic field. About 2,500 Marshall fans watched the Herd practice for two hours...

"I think it's awesome to see all this green in the stands," Marshall coach Bob Pruett said after the practice. "They do a tremendous job here. It's a joy to come up here and a joy to be part of it, and a joy to take our football team to different parts of the state."

The practice consisted of one hour of basic drills, then a one-hour controlled scrimmage, which contained more than 60 plays. "We got more scrimmage plays done than we have in a long time," Pruett continued. "I'm really pleased."

QB Stan Hill hands off to running back Franklin Wallace during the scrimmage at South Charleston's Oakes Field on Saturday.

"I thought it went pretty well," running back Franklin Wallace added. "It rained last night and we got a little muddy today. This was the last test day for everybody, as far as the coaches evaluating everybody."

Highlight of the day was receiver Darius Watts' 40+ yard TD catch-and-go early in the controlled scrimmage. Watts hauled in a short outlet pass and sprinted, untouched, to the end zone.

"We made a couple of plays," Watts said. "I think Stan is a good quarterback. He's a little more mobile than Byron (Leftwich) was. Our running game is coming along, as well as blocking and passing."

Darius Watts hauled in this pass and sprinted to the end zone, untouched, for the TD at Marshall's practice at Oakes Field in South Charleston on Saturday.

Quarterback Stan Hill took the reigns early in the scrimmage, with Graham Gochneaur, Adam Black, and Jimmy Skinner also seeing duty. Hill is the obvious leader for the QB job, but has the other three hot on his heels.

"Our timing is off a little bit right now, but it'll get there," Hill commented. "We came out today wanting to throw the ball and run the ball fifty-fifty."

"Today, our offense was clicking on all cylinders."

After the controlled scrimmage ended, Marshall players and staff signed autographs and enjoyed lunch with the fans that came out for the practice. "It's just a good atmosphere out here," Stan Hill summed up about the overall scene at Oakes Field on Saturday. "It's just always good to have this many fans out here, supporting us. It keeps our heads up, and helps us to do better."

"We love the support," quarterback Graham Gochneaur summed up. "It reminds us of how many people love to see the green and white play. We play for the fans, and we love the support and it just makes practice that much more fun."

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