5 Questions With Ron Jirsa

Just moments after the announcement of Ron Jirsa as the new Marshall men's basketball coach, Herd Insider sat down with the new coach for a short interview. Here's Five Questions With Ron Jirsa...

HI: What are your similarities to Tubby Smith and Oliver Purnell, whom you've coached with over the last few years?
Jirsa: "From Tubby, you learn the intensity. We share the same defensive philosophy. How to build a program. Oliver has great people strengths, great administrative strengths, and Oliver is calm under pressure. If you can do those things, you're a pretty good coach."

HI: Rebounding hasn't been a strength here lately. Talk about that a little bit.
Jirsa: "It's a mentality. We need to start now, in the summer, with that mentality and not just pick it up in the fall. You can have slogans, you can have posters and all those things, but what we really need is we need to do it on a daily basis. If you come to our practice, you'll be able to tell what's important to our team and winning."

Ron Jirsa explained that rebounding is a 'mentality'he plans to instill in the Marshall players.

HI: Even though your Georgia experience didn't end on an up note, what did you take away from that stint in the SEC?
Jirsa: "Learning the business. Learning the politics of the business. It helps you understand every facet of your program when you're the head coach. I think we were really headed for some positive things, but it just got cut short."

HI: Can you tell us your thoughts on who your assistants will be yet, or is that still a work in the making?
Jirsa: "I've got a group of people in mind. But before I get their names out there, we've got to come to an agreement. I would like to work with guys that have been in our programs. Right now we don't need to come up with anything new. We know what will work. We want the minimal amount of adjustments for everybody in the program. We want to be simple, so we can all be comfortable with what we're doing. And that way, we can be aggressive, and we can be aggressive right away."

HI: Obviously, changing positions is stressful to a program. What are your plans, right off the bat, first day on the job?
Jirsa: "Right off the bat, today and tomorrow I'll be meeting with the players individually. They're the most important people in our program. We don't want any gap between coaches to affect them. It's all about the people first. Then, actually getting up here and getting established. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community, and to getting going."

Look for a more in-depth interview with new coach Ron Jirsa in the summer print edition of Herd Insider on June 25!

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