Quarterback Nearing First Offer?

Some players are just born to be quarterbacks. They play quarterback their entire life, they are surrounded by people in their life who know how to play the position. As those players grow older and develop into the prototypical quarterback body, they get even more noticed. Such is the case for a 6'4" 190 pound gunslinger from Virginia Beach, Virginia named Turtle.

Corwin Cutler, also known as Turle, is the quarterback for Ocean Lakes High School in Virginia Beach, Virginia. His father runs a quarterback camp/school in the area as well, so the fact that he is quickly emerging as an elite quarterback, should come as no surprise. Cutler has been, in his own words, "a quarterback my whole life." He said that is the position he would hope to play at the next level as well.

Cutler is interested in multiple schools, Marshall University and the University of Virginia being just two of those. At the time of the interview, he had not been offered by either school. Actually, he had no offers but was anxiously awaiting that first offer.

He said he did not have any current leaders or favorites so to speak. He wants to take a visit to Marshall and said that his father would like for him to take that visit as well. He hopes to get an offer if he is able to make it up to camp at Marshall. He is well aware of the history behind Marshall, and knows that they have had some top receivers come through the program.

As mentioned earlier, Cutler did not have any offers. I asked him what he thought it would feel like when he received that first offer. He said, "I know that I will be very excited and just thanking God to let me keep pushing."

The strange thing about the interview is that it was delayed. It was delayed due to Turtle locking himself out of his house. In an evening that started out frustrating for him, it turned out great. Shortly after our interview concluded, Cutler received his first offer, from the University of Virginia.

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