Spring Practice Continues

After three days off, one may expect some rust from a group of young players that are only getting ready to start their seventh spring practice. That was not the case. I was able to watch the early kicking drills, as well as watching the one on one hitting drills that highlight the first few sessions of each spring practice.

I apologize in advance for the length of this report as I was unable to attend more than about 40 minutes of practice.

The first sessions that I got to watch were the kicking sessions. I have read the past week or so that the kicking aspect of the spring was not going so well. What I saw was a group of young kickers that although they were not consistent, they weren't bad either. Kicking field goals, Justin Haig continues, in my opinion to lead Trent Martin. Both kickers kicked fairly well, with only Martin missing one badly.

Punting continues to be between Tyler Williams and Austin Dumas, although Haig also received some reps there today as well. Haig seems to get the ball off the quickest. Dumas has the strongest leg punting, although not by much over Williams. Williams is the most consistent. Williams is also much more athletic than the other two competitors at this point.

Long snapping is between James Power and Derek Mitchell. Power is much better at this point in camp, both with location and snap speed. This is just from the naked eye however.

Practice, for me at least, concluded with the contact drills early on in practice.

Some notes from these sessions:

One of the best battles of the day was between freshman defensive lineman Joe Massaquoi, and JUCO transfer Gage Niemeyer. They battled to a virtual draw each time.
In a battle between Armonze Daniel, and Eric Frohnapfel, Daniel each time got out to a quick start, but Frohnapfel was able to regain control each time.
Demetrius Evans and Darryl Roberts went at it, with Evans proving that he can not only catch, but he is going to be a good strong blocking wide receiver.
In one of the more unfair battles, Deon Meadows destroyed freshman walk on running back Kevin Rodriquez. Meadows had him pushed back 7 yards shortly after the whistle blew.
Blake Brooks is a very strong man, he will make an impact at defensive tackle this season.
Josh Lovell is another strong individual.
I think many of you will be pleasantly surprised with the strength and size increases of Jazz King. He has clearly been in the weight room, in fact, he outdueled Aaron Dobson on three straight occasions when the wide receivers were going at it in a circle.
I only was able to stick around and see the quarterbacks, well, quarterback, throw for a few minutes. Cato continues to look much improved, and much stronger than just a few months back in the St. Petersburg Bowl.

Practice continues on Thursday at 330pm

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