Roster Math

It's about that time of the year again to begin to look and see what your favorite team will have this season in regards to its roster. At Marshall University, the coaching staff knew they were going to be really close to the overall scholarship limit of 85. That was one reason as to why the 2012 recruiting class was a little smaller than the previous two.

As the week progresses I will take a closer look at what the depth chart looks like right now. Granted, it is early on in the offseason and anything can happen, as we have seen in the past. Solid players could get in trouble and be asked to leave, new recruits may get on campus and stub their toes, or players could transfer into the program that could help out immediately.

Taking a look at the current roster, it appears we have 89 potential scholarship players. This is taking into consideration the likelihood that past walk ons turned scholarship players, keep their scholarships, and that all incoming freshman gain eligibility.

Below is a current breakdown. This will allow us to take a look at what to expect from the staff in regards to the upcoming class. It is clear, that this class could be much smaller even than the most recent class.

2012 Class Breakdown:
Senior Class: (8) Aaron Dobson Antavious Wilson Devin Arrington Andre Booker Martin Ward John Bruhin Dominick LeGrande Okechukwu Okoroha

Junior Class: (24)
Tron Martinez Demetrius Evans Jermaine Kelson C.J. Crawford Gator Hoskins Billy Mitchell T.J. Ross Zach Dunston Monterius Lovett Darryl Roberts Esray Taliaferro Matt Pickett Alex Bazzie Jeremiah Taylor Gage Miemeyer Corey Tenney Alex Schooler Garrett Schott Jordan Jeffries Ken Smith James Rouse Brandon Sparrow Marques Aiken Billy Rone

Sophomore Class: (17)
Travon Van Keith Baxter Rakeem Cato Raheem Waiters Tommy Shuler Justin Haig Jazz King Evan McKelvey Ra'Shawde Myers Cortez Carter Deon Meadows Chris Jasperse Craig Wilkins James Power Josh Lovell Jermaine Holmes Eric Frohnapfel

Freshman Class: (36)
Davonte Allen Armonze Daniel Blake Frohnapfel D.J. Hunter Stefone Grace Corie Wilson Remi Watson Davonte West Josue Joseph Anthony Spano Sebastion Johansson Joe Massaquoi Clinton Van Horn Chris Alston Rakim Reed Eric Ansley Steward Butler Matt Cincotta Tyler Combs Cameron Dees Steve Dillon Marcus Gilchrist Kevin Grooms Chris Hall Devonte Henderson Gunnar Holcombe Devon Johnson A.J. Leggett Josh Murriel DeAndre Reaves Ryan Riedel Shawn Samuels Andre Scott Gary Thompson Corey Tindal Kent Turene

Others: (4)
Derek Mitchell Tyler Williams Channing Smith Blake Brooks

That is a total of 89, if you add in the "other" four players who may or may not end up on scholarship, if they are not already. Will there by any non qualifiers from the 2012 class? Will there be any new additions to this program prior to the beginning of the 2012 season.

Stay tuned to for further updates.

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