Practice Continued This Afternoon

Marshall had its second practice of the day this afternoon. This was not the second practice of the day for the entire squad. Keep in mind, Doc Holliday has split the Herd into two groups as to get the maximum amount of coaching time to each player, until two a days are allowed later in the week.

As was with this morning, the practice took place under a high, hot, sunny sky, with a few dozen spectators looking on.

This was my first time getting to see this group of players. This group was made up of many more of the veterans and some of the younger players as well.

Tonight's practice report will be more of a notebook version:

- I really like how the older players are taking the younger guys under their wing during practice. One thing I noticed today was returning starting center Chris Jasperse working with true freshman center Cameron Dees. Dees is a little bigger than I thought and really seemed to be listening to Jasperse. Dees is a true freshman center from Florida. Dees is wearing number 66 for those of you who will be attending practice. Marshall had a really good center in the early 2000's who wore number 66, KJ Greer.

- The two transfers from Boston College are definitely built like fifth year seniors. They are very easy to spot out on the field. Dominick LeGrande wears number 6, and Okechuckwu Okoroha wears number 10. Both players were working out at the safety position today. It is obvious that both players are ready to step in and play right away.

- Andre Scott, a three star safety from Florida, is on campus and is another big safety. He is wearing number 16 and is a tall safety.

- Rakeem Cato is the starting quarterback as you all know. He is showing excellent leadership skills early on in camp. He is not only teaching and leading the younger quarterbacks like Blake Frohnapel and Gunnar Holcombe, but also the younger receivers and even the young defensive backs.

- For the most part, it appears that the team has had a very successful off season in the weight room. Jeremiah Taylor is noticeably bigger and more athletic.

- I was very impressed with the way the team came out for practice. Very vocal and upbeat. There is a definite sense of the need to accomplish something on this team. The seniors seem to really want to be one of the few classes in school history to leave with three bowl rings.

- All of the wide receivers were in camp today, Aaron Dobson, Antavious Wilson, Devante Allen, Andre Booker, and Craig Wilkins.

- Finally got to see Kevin Grooms. Grooms, like Steward Butler is very fast. He floats along the ground and is very good at finding the holes early in camp.

- I would say that unless something changes Trent Martin will be the starting field goal kicker. It is very early, but the ball explodes off of his foot, and he has really worked hard in the off season on his accuracy.

- The punting position is still up in the air, but Tyler Williams is noticeably better at this time. Austin Dumas being the other option.

- James Power is snapping the ball with the afternoon group.

- Travon Van is healthy and ready to go.

Stay tuned to for further updates

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