Practice: Day 3

Day three of fall camp began this morning as the same morning group took the field at the Joan for practice. Another great day outside for the team to get used to hot temperatures. A few dozen Herd fans sat in on the morning session and got to see some of the younger players participate, as has been the case the first two days.

Today was the first day of "shells." Shells are a lighter padding that the team is allowed to wear early on in camp. There was some light contact early on in practice as the one on one skill position drills took place.

The way the do them, for you guys and gals out of town, is the place four cones in a box. Two cones about 10 yards apart, and about five yards wide. They throw the ball to the receiver who turns up field and attempts to cross the line, the defender, of course, is looking to make the tackle. The running backs and the tight ends battle the running backs. The wide receivers battle the defensive backs.

Kevin Grooms took one of the early running back reps, and destroyed his defender. He flashed one move, then his speed carried him past the line. (Note, Grooms went with the morning group, Steward Butler had been with the early group.)

The big winner in these drills were A.J. Leggett. This should come as no surprise based on the reports I have written from the first day. He is not only good in coverage, but he is able to square up any receiver he was going against and get the stop.

Demetrius Evans and Tommy Shuler also had some positive moments during these drills.

Continuing with the theme of camp thus far, it is obvious that the older veterans are stepping up the leadership game and assisting their teammates in getting better. I was impressed with the obvious progress of Junior Linebacker Billy Mitchell. Mitchell is noticeably bigger than last season, granted it could be due to the old school padding going up the back of his neck. He really seems to be stepping up his play.

Armonze Daniel was not with the morning group, so anyone wanting to check him out, can do so this afternoon. Daniel is still wearing number 13.

Both quarterbacks threw much better today. I was pleasantly surprised with the way freshman Gunnar Holcombe seems to be, arm wise. He is not as big as fellow freshman Blake Frohnapfel, but his arm is just as good. He throws a really tight spiral, and has good accuracy down the field.

Punter Tyler Williams was with this group,and punted very well. He is a very athletic punter. His leg is strong, the key with Williams will be consistency.

Back to Leggett. The play of the day took place in seven on seven drills. Jazz King made a move on Leggett and got around him deep down field. Frohnapfel laid a nice ball out there and King was running under it, Leggett made up at least three yards in about four strides, dove, and knocked the pass out of the air just as it dropped into King's arms.

D.J. Hunter and Shawn Samuels continue to work side by side at safety, while Derek Mitchell and Zach Dunston handle the other reps.

I will be heading back out to the afternoon practice and later tonight will have another report up.

Stay tuned to for further updates.

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