Afternoon Practice Day 3

The Afternoon session of Day 3 of Fall camp saw the more veteran unit wear their shells for the first time since April. Head Coach Doc Holliday continues to run a tight ship, as the team has been on point with virtually every aspect of practice up to this point. The afternoon session, was not as sunny as earlier in the day, but it was hot, but that did not effect the team's desire and production.

The quarterbacks in the afternoon session was Rakeem Cato and walk on Tanner Owens. Cato continues to show his leadership ability. Cato is noticeably bigger and more confident this season. Number 12 is poised to lead "his" team now. With virtually no quarterback controversy this season, one would expect a big year. It was brought up yesterday about when the last time a Marshall signal caller went into the offseason knowing he was the returning starter. With the exception of Stan Hill, the only person since then to know for sure his roll was Bernard Morris prior to his senior season. Morris went on to have a career year that season which helped him parlay his career on to the Arena Football League Level, where he is the starter for Jacksonville.

Cato finished the season with a three game winning streak. Those three games saw him lead a two score comeback in the fourth quarter on the road at Memphis, lead a fourth quarter come back and ultimate overtime win over ECU, and a bowl win against Florida International after trailing early.

Cato has been sharp and clearly did a lot of off season work.

The team has a much better "team" feel to it than it has in a long while. This could be to the fact that virtually the entire team is either a Doc Holliday recruit, or a veteran player who has totally bought into Holliday's ways.

Watched a little more afternoon kicking today. Trent Martin is still doing very well from any length. He has the strongest leg in the race with Justin Haig, but Haig, at least right now, is more consistent.

I have not been able to get an eye on Billy Rone or Jarquez Samuel as of yet. I hope to change that today.

All of the wide receivers have picked up some added muscle over the off season. Andre Booker looks as fast as ever, but has put on a few good pounds.

Very impressed with the size of incoming freshman lineman Josh Murriel. Those of you heading out to practice, he is wearing num ber 61.

Steward Butler was with the afternoon group today, as Kevin Grooms went with the morning session. Butler had a few issues hanging onto the football, but is still showing speed and explosiveness.

Aaron Dobson continues to show why he is one of the top WRs in the nation this season. He, like Cato, has taken a big step up in leadership as well.

I haven't spoken about them yet, but Monterius Lovett and Evan McKelvey are still with the team. There was never a question of it, just a reminder since you haven't seen their names. Lovett is a veteran but has a lot of competition at the defensive back position in Keith Baxter, Darryl Roberts, and A.J. Leggett.

Both Boston College transfers are pushing towards big roles on this team. Each of them was with the first team special teams unit and seeing a lot of reps at safety. Depth will not be an issue at safety and could move a very good Andre Scott to a spot of taking a redshirt.

Ken Smith has not been practicing.

Stay tuned to for further updates.

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