Smith Arrives At Camp

What a difference a year makes around the Marshall Thundering Herd Football camp. Multiple positions have different players lining up, moving up and down the depth chart. New players are in from high schools, other colleges, and junior colleges. However, the position that has seen the most change has to be the safety position.

Camp today consisted of just one afternoon practice for the Marshall Thundering Herd. It was done under sunny skies and hot temperatures. The temperatures had been mild until they spiked somewhat this afternoon, but the Herd did not seem to skip a beat at all. Camp ends in just two days so the staff clearly had a lot they wanted to get completed.

With many of the positions starting to sort themselves out, examples being the offensive line and the safety position, two things stood out today. One was big, one not so big.

First, for the bit occurrences, the punting game stood out. For the third consecutive practice, freshman Tyler Williams, number 38, boomed multiple deep punts. Williams has always had the leg, booming long punts through spring camp. However, Williams did not have much consistency. Slowly but surely, that seems to be changing. Williams has been hitting punts over 50 yards throughout the week. Stay tuned to this race as he continues to battle Austin Dumas for the punting duties.

The second, occurrence today involved someone smaller in nature. It marked the long awaited arrival of the fleet footed transfer from Penn State, Devon Smith. Smith is a five foot seven inch wide receiver. He will play the slot receiver position, most likely. He will have two years to play just one. Will Smith Redshirt, or will the staff be unable to ignore the speed in which he has. Smith has been clocked under 4.3 in the 40 yard dash, and right around 10.4 in a 100 meter dash.

Smith will join a plethora of wide receivers, especially if he falls into the slot receiver position. Andre Booker currently heads up the depth chart, with returning players Tommy Shuler and Jermaine Kelson battling for playing time.

Smith is the second transfer from Penn State this off season, and the fourth overall transfer from a BCS School since the Herd last walked onto the field this past spring.

A couple thing of note about Smith. First off he is not as small as what I was worried about. He floats when he runs, and he has incredible hands. Just in the few drills that I saw him in today he flashed a lot of ability. I feel that it will be impossible to keep him off of the field.

The Herd is as healthy as I have seen them in some time this time of year. Very few red jerseys outside of the quarterbacks. Red jerseys is the color warn by the injured players for no contact.

Many good performances took place in the one on one offensive drills. Guys like Shuler, and running back Steward Butler destroyed the defense time after time.

Before the end of this update, I have to mention Rakeem Cato again. It is becoming redundant, and almost unreadable I am sure, but he really has improved his game and leadership. His ball is so crisp and comes out of his hand so perfectly. He is really on the same page with each and every one of his receivers. He seldom misses a pass.

Running back Remi Watson is also running very hard. He is most likely way down the depth chart, but he isn't playing like he is. He seems stronger than the other candidates, granted, we haven't seen Travon Van or Tron Martinez go full tilt as of yet.

I will be attending practice early Friday morning, and will have a full update by early afternoon.

Stay tuned to for further updates.

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