Video Board Installed at Marshall Stadium

Marshall fans, your long-awaited video board at Marshall Stadium is up and being readied. 26 feet wide by 21 feet tall, the Daktronics video board was installed in record time, according to ISP Sports vice president Jim Woodrum. "The whole process was under 8 days," said Woodrum. "Physically, it's in."

The area of the actual video screen is 24 feet wide by 17 feet tall, more than large enough for any Marshall fan sitting anywhere in the stadium to clearly see.

An added entertainment dimension that has long been clamored for by Marshall fans, ISP Sports (the marketing rightsholder for Marshall sports) decided to purchase the board earlier this year. Revenues generated from advertising on the board will pay for the purchase and installation of the board. The Daktronics board will make its grand debut when Marshall takes on UMass at Marshall Stadium on September 8.

New Marshall video board was tested on August 3.

According to Woodrum, Marshall fans will be pleased with the added visual content during Marshall games. "The game broadcast will come into a separate (production) truck, and that truck will sometimes choose to play the game broadcast. Sometimes they'll choose to do other things, like fan cams, or starting lineups. We'll be running the coaches' TV show up there, pre-game. The folks at WSAZ have 15 years of highlights."

"It'll be great to see the 1987 team pop up there sometime. Or, you may see Randy Moss and his black-and-white socks in a highlight."

All that is left to do, according to Woodrum, is the install of the computer system that runs the board. Final testing of the video board will occur in the month of August.

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