Practice Provides Some Answers

Spring, well that is what it was supposed to be, practice got underway at Joan C Edwards Stadium underneath grey skies, snow, sleet, and an incredibly cold wind. Most of the team suited up in shorts and jerseys, and of course a nice white helmet, some with green stripes, some with red stripes.

The pace of practice was very brisk, and the staff got a lot accomplished in their allotted amount of time. I will have a more detailed report a little letter on the Letterman's Club.

Right now, lets take a look at some of the questions I raised in this mornings article regarding spring practice questions.

Who will be playing linebacker?

Couldn't really get a good gauge on anything today. Jermaine Holmes continues to look like Mario Harvey in build and stature. I expect to get a better look at this position when pads go on this Friday.

Will Shawney Kersey make an impact?

Yes. I do not see how the answer could be anything else. He is big, and fast, and runs and catches the ball very smoothly. He definitely looks the part of an outside wide receiver. He is wearing jersey number five at this time, which last season was worn by recently departed Jermaine Kelson, who left due to personal reasons.

Is Rashawde Myers still with the team?

I have not seen the roster as of yet, but yes, it appears he is still with the team, which is huge news for Marshall fans. Number 40 also looks much bigger than the past two years.

Other than Aiken and Kelson, is there any other attrition?

Not that I could tell by just looking around. I will review the official roster when I receive it and get a better answer to this question. Some others that had been rumored to maybe leave, Ken Smith, and Essray Taliaferro, were both at practice and fully participating. Smith remaining on campus could be a huge deal with the loss of Aiken.

Is Rakeem Cato's knee healthy?

Sure did look that way. He led the way today during practice and threw and participated in drills.

How are Taj Letman and Stefan Houston?

At this time, I am going based on assumption that I recognized them without a roster. Both are tall, athletic, and look skinny right now, but very fast. Both should play immediately.

How does James Rouse look?

I am not sure, I did not see him today.

How will the team react to the new coaching staff?

The staff ran a very sharp practice. New running backs coach Thomas Brown has a good feel on what he expects out of his players. I focused mostly on him at this time.

As I stated before, keep tabs on the Letterman's Club throughout the evening as I update accordingly.

Stay tuned to for further updates.

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