Practice Report: Defensive Line

Marshall went at it pretty hard today towards the end of practice with multiple sessions of offense versus defense scrimmaging. The defense dominated he sessions for the most part and made sure that they told the offense about it multiple times over.

After every big play, the defense made sure that they gathered together and celebrated enough to get under the offense's skin. The offense never really was able to battle through and do much of anything. At one point, Cato strung together five nice passes together, but that was about it. The only non field goal scored was a running touchdown by back up quarterback Gunnar Holcombe.

The story of the day had to be the defensive line. Not just one player in general but pretty much all of them.

Rashawde Myers had the best practice. I counted four sacks that Myers either had by himself or was assisted with. Myers was all over the place, running primarily with the second unit.

Alex Bazzie ran with the first unit opposite Jeremiah Taylor. Bazzie had a sack. Taylor only ran the first few series' before giving way to Joe Massaquoi.

Massaquoi, a redshirt freshman from Virginia wears number 73. Although it is an odd number for a defensive lineman, he was all over the place.

Repeatedly, over and over the defensive line blasted through the offensive line for sacks and busted plays.

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