All Roberto Terrell Wants Is To Play

Huntington, WV -- All redshirt freshman defensive back Roberto Terrell wants to do is play football. Period. And the over the last three days at Marshall's summer practices, Terrell has gotten the attention of coaches the best way he knows how: By making solid defensive plays, whether they be interceptions or pass-breakups.

"I came in here trying to work hard, because I got off on the wrong foot," Terrell said. And, he means it literally. Terrell spent the summer back home in Dunnellon, Florida working off the effects of a hamstring injury, instead of staying in Huntington and going through conditioning drills with teammates. "I want to show them [coaches] that I want to play, that I just wasn't at home, messing around," he added after Monday's afternoon practice.

"It's good," Terrell said of his hamstring.

Roberto Terrell running hard at Tuesday's practice

While Terrell may be one of the smaller defensive backs on the Marshall squad at 5-9, 175 pounds, he has used his small size and impressive speed to break up numerous passes in practice the last few days. Terrell even managed to pick off a few passes as well, prompting a couple observers at Monday's practice to mention that, of all the players on the field, it appeared to them that #2 (Terrell) was the one player out there trying the hardest to get playing time.

He may succeed.

"I've still got a long ways to go, but I think I'm on the right track," Terrell added. "I've been small all my life, and I'm used to the advantages of being able to get on the elbows of receivers and break up passes."

And his fellow teammates -namely, receivers- have noticed the fierce approach Terrell has brought to camp this summer. "They say I've done a good job, that I'm showing them that I want to play," Terrell said.

"I want to play. That's all I want to do."

Roberto Terrell has two practices a day over the coming weeks to keep making that statement through his stellar defensive play on the field. He feels that he cannot say it enough, nor show it enough, until his goal is accomplished.

"However I get on that field, I just want to play."

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