Team Chad vs Team Byron Preview

Chad Pennington versus Byron Leftwich, for years Marshall fans have debated who was the best quarterback for the the Thundering Herd. The answer may never be known, and the answer of who may be the best ever Thundering Herd quarterback could be C. None of the above, by the time the 2014 campaign is over. However, that is a debate for another day. Today, it's all about Chad versus Byron.

This time they took their hands at being the General Manager of the Herd's Green and White squads for the upcoming Green and White game. The game is Saturday, April 26th, at 2pm. There are many weekend events, special ticket prices, etc. going on. The game, usually a glorified practice, does take on a little bit of excitement with the two ex quarterbacks picking the teams. The draft was brought live via twitter to Herd fans throughout the country.

Who drafted the best team? Chad Pennington had the first pick.

Pennington ended up with Rakeem Cato, Chris Jasperse and the entire starting right side of the line in Michael Selby and Clint Van Horn, but he does have holes throughout the lineup. Leftwich on the other hand, does not have nearly as many holes.

Below is a look at my projected starting lineups, keep in mind there are a lot of injuries, and trades still could be made.

QB – Rakeem Cato
RB – Kevin Grooms
WR – Davonte Allen, DeAndre Reaves, Craig Wilkins
TE – Eric Frohnapfel
LT – A.J. Addison
LG – Trevor Mendleson
C – Chris Jasperse
RG – Michael Selby
RT – Clint Van Horn
DE – Joe Massaquoi and Arnold Blackmon
DT – Jarquez Samuel and Josh Brown
LB – Stephan Houston and Jermaine Holmes
CB – Darryl Roberts and Mark Shaver
Nickel - ??
Safety – Tiquan Lang and Corie Wilson

Bryon Leftwich
Quarterback – Gunnar Holcombe
RB – Steward Butler
WR – Tommy Shuler, Angelo Jean Louis and Justin Hunt (also has Demetrius Evans)
TE – Devon Johnson
LT – Sebastion Johansson
LG – Blake Brooks
C – Cody Collins
RG – Cameron Dees
RT – Chris Huhn
DE – Armonze Daniel and Gary Thompson
DT – James Rouse and Steve Dillon (also Ricardo Williams if Rouse does not play)
LB – Evan McKevley and D.J. Hunter
CB – Keith Baxter and Donaldven Manning
Nickel - ?? would have been Corey Tindal, but Tindal was hurt yesterday and taken off for precautionary reasons
Safety – A.J. Leggett and Taj Letman

My assessment is that team Leftwich is equally as strong on offense as Team Pennington even without having Rakeem Cato. On Defense, the starting 11 for Team Leftwich is better, on paper, than Team Pennington.

Some notes about the game:

This is a huge game for Gunnar Holcombe and Marshall fans. If Holcombe can move the offense with Shuler, and those very good receivers, along with Butler and Johnson, then it can show that he is the man to lead the Herd if Cato should happen to go down.

Players such as Rashawde Myers, Tyler Combs, Neville Hewitt, Kent Turene, Corey Tindal and Michael Johnson will most likely not be playing due to injuries. James Rouse and Cameron Dees may or may not play. Rouse is fine, but a veteran, Dees has been toughing out injuries for two year.

My prediction, if there were to be a line on the game, I would take Team Bryon Leftwich and give Team Chad Pennington 6.5 Points.

Stay tuned to for updates on the game, results, as well as updates on many of the visitors who will be at the game on Saturday.

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