Marshall Appealing Student-Athlete Penalties

Huntington, WV-- Fourteen Marshall University student-athletes have had their eligibility reinstated by the NCAA, with conditions. The student-athletes, 12 football players and two men's basketball players, were originally declared ineligible by the University as a result of receiving extra work benefits prior to February 2000.

The conditions of the reinstatement, pending appeal, are that the student-athletes must sit out a percentage of games during the coming seasons.

Two football players will be required to miss 10 percent of the season, or one game.

Ten football players will be required to miss 30 percent of the season, or three games.

The two men's basketball players will both be required to miss 30 percent of their season.

Pending appeal of these penalties, the student-athletes will begin serving their penalties immediately.

"This is unfortunate, but I prefer to reserve further comment on this situation until we know the result of our appeal," Marshall football coach Bob Pruett said.

End of release

Editor's note: No other comments were offered by Marshall coach Bob Pruett, nor were specific players named. Per Marshall football's game-week policy, players are 'off-limits' Thursdays through game day Saturdays, and therefore unavailable for comment.

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