Herdhaven Catches up With Coach Goebbel

Last month, Marshall lost tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator Todd Hartley to the University of Georgia. Hartley had come a long way in his stint with the Herd before going back to where he started. This happened shortly after signing day, and Head Coach Doc Holliday knew he had a big hire to make.

It didn’t take him too long to figure out what direction that he wanted to go. Last week the school announced the hiring of Ohio Dominican Offensive Coordinator and Assistant Head Coach Todd Goebbel to the same positions held by Hartley. Goebbel will coach the tight ends and handle all aspects of recruiting from high school relations to the every day intricacies of the recruiting process.

Goebbel, a one time assistant coach on the Ohio State staff back in 2004, is very familiar with Marshall. Goebbel was hired back in 2005 by former Head Coach Mark Snyder to coach the wide receivers. Snyder knew Goebbel from his days at Ohio State.

I got to touch base with Coach Goebbel yesterday for a few minutes to talk about the job and his thoughts on being back in Green and White.

I asked Goebbel how happy he was to be back and he said, “I am so thankful for the opportunity. I am honored to be back. He was very appreciative of the opportunity to be back with the program.” He also said that he felt great when he got the call from Coach Holliday about the job.

Goebbel, who is still getting settled in, as was evidenced by the interview in which he had to get back with me a couple times due to being so busy, is all set to get back on track here in Huntington. In addition to the recruiting duties he has been busy getting a taste of the early morning mat drills. He put out a great quote on social media when he said, “the players are getting comfortable being uncomfortable.”

Goebbel will join his brother Aaron as employees of the school . Aaron is currently the Ticket Manager/Associate Athletic Director for the Herd.

Goebbel coached at Marshall through some difficult times. Marshall was finishing up probation from the previous coaching regimes and was hamstrung on the type of prospects he could recruit. Marshall was limited from the school on the number of academic non qualifiers in which it could take.

This was obvious when taking a look back at the receiving stats from that time frame. In 2006, Marshall was led in receiving by tight end Cody Slate, followed by Emmanuel Spann, then former tight end/wide receiver Matt Morris, Hiram Moore and running back Ahmad Bradshaw. Only Spann and Moore, a local talent, were true wide receivers, neither of which were true outside wide receivers. Still, Goebbel generated production. Other leaders in his tenure at Marshall were E.J. Wynn, Bryant Milligan, and Antavious Wilson. Goebbel also was a part of the process in getting and developing Darius Passmore and Aaron Dobsobn. Passmore led the team in receiving in 2008 with 945 yards, and Dobson has gone on to the NFL.

Goebbel’s number one goal it seems is to make Marshall great, and “to make the country realize how great it is here.”

Goebbel will be in charge of continuing a recent trend of Marshall recruiting classes finishing at or near the top of CUSA.

Goebbel will also be coaching the tight ends. Listed Below are the tight ends coming back for 2015 who are expected to battle for playing time:

Ryan Yuracheck – Yuracheck is the only returning tight end who contributed in 2015. Playing behind Eric Fronapfel, Yurachek’s action was limited early on. However, Yuracheck was so good, and so impressive, the staff was able to move star wide receiver Deontay McManus back to the wide receiver position. Yurachek ended the season with 17 catches for 149 yards and 2 touchdowns. He also snagged a big third down catch with under a minute to go for a first down to nail down the CUSA championship game over LA Tech.

Joe Woodrum- Woodrum is a senior walk on who has the size to be productive, but has not played much as of yet.

Kaleb Harris – Harris was one of the highest rated players in the class of 2014. Unfortunately, he was a linebacker. Harris redshirted last season and moved over to the tight end position. He was a track star in Ohio and is very athletic.

Emanuel Byrd – Byrd, a junior college transfer from Georgia Military should come in and play right away. Byrd, a 6’3”, 225 pound athletic tight end caught 15 passes for 263 yards and three touchdowns last season.

I did ask Goebbel about Emanuel Beal to see if he would be moving to tight end. As of now, there is no mention of this taking place.

Herdhaven would like to welcome Coach Goebbel back to the Herd.

Stay tuned to Herdhaven for further updates as we battle through the offseason in preparation for spring practice.

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