Post-Florida Quotes, Word-for-Word

Quotes from Marshall players and coaches, Word-for-Word style, after the Florida-Marshall game on September 1, 2001.

Marshall linebacker Max Yates: "Once they got going, they kept on hitting us with the same plays. I'm glad that we came into halftime and settled down, picked ourselves up. We didn't come back out with our heads down. I feel that we finished strong. They're a great team. We're going to come back on Monday, look at the positives, which weren't many, and look at where we broke down, didn't communicate. We're in the MAC now, and we've got to win a MAC championship."

"We had a lot of mental mistakes, a lot of guys running free. Not a lot of communication out there.

Marshall quarterback Byron Leftwich: "They're the number one team in the country, and we knew it was going to be tough. We've got to get something going early, to help our defense out. Yeah, we made some plays. But every time we made some plays in a row, we came back and made a bad play. We'd have a mental mistake or some type of play where, we're at first and twenty or second and fifteen. We knew that we could move the ball on these guys, but once we moved the ball on it, we found some way to mess it up.

"But you've got to give those guys credit. They came out and did a good job."

"Me and my team have got to get back on Monday and just get better. We've got a game next week, we've got to put this one behind us. Just make sure we come to play next weekend."

"We're not going to give up. We went in at halftime and said we're going to come out and play hard. And that's what we did in the second half."

"No matter where we get the ball, it's our job to move the ball. If the ball is on the six-inch line, it's our job to move the ball. That's why they call it offense."

"Our offensive line did a great job. We knew they were going to do a great job coming into this game. If we just stay healthy, them guys are going to be real good."

Marshall coach Bob Pruett: "Well, to say the least, we're very disappointed in the way we played. I think Florida has an extremely outstanding football team. They have a lot of great athletes, they're more athletic than I thought they'd be."

"We have a young defensive football game, and we made a lot of young mistakes. We knew coming down here that we were going to have to play as close to perfect as we could. We played the whole first half on a short field, and you can't play coach Spurrier on a short field, because he'll find a way to get touchdowns."

"I thought they grew up in the second half. They played better, made fewer mistakes. I am proud of our team for not giving up. I think Florida has an outstanding football team, and has the talent to win it all."

"We did some really good things in the second half, defensively. I think we moved the ball. If we don't fumble the ball, or we just catch the ball, with balls in our hands...We went for it on fourth down with only ten men on the field. That's not very smart. We called a 'lead' play and don't have a lead blocker. The noise wasn't a factor. It wasn't that. Offensively, it was us dropping the ball, and the mental errors, that hurt us. Defensively, it was the mental errors, plus they're a great team. It was mental errors, and they seem to find a lot of mistakes."

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