Herd Tackles an Early Morning Practice

The lights of The Joan and could be seen as you passed Spring Hill Cemetary and made your way down Marshall Memorial Boulevard. The Herd was up and out for a pre dawn practice session as camp gets closer to ending on Saturday with a 3pm scrimmage. The coaches were up and ready and working the kids hard as they pushed through yet another physical practice.

The Herd hit the field for a rare pre sunrise practice session this morning as pre season camp continues to get closer to the end.  It was a dark morning, with only the bright lights of Joan C. Edwards Stadium lighting the field.  The lights were glistening off the top of the white football helmets.  The practice was spunky as the coaches worked overtime to get the players up and ready to roll.  

For the most part, the session moved along without a hitch, no injuries, not too many dropped passes, and the offensive and defensive line went at it throughout.  The coaching staff was really on the defensive line as the season gets closer and the veterans continue to step up and push the younger guys to be better than they were the day before.  Freshman, former NQ, Nyquan Harris got a lot of the coaches attention today as they try to get the most out of the young guy as he comes down the final stretch of camp.

The rest of todays Practice notes can be found below:


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