A Look At The Roster

Doc Holliday has been a great recruiter his entire career. Since his arrival at Marshall he has had to learn how to build a program, and doing that by building a roster. Evening out the classes, working in potential non qualifiers, and late signees are just a few of the things Holliday and his recruiting staff has to understand and work with. Today, Herdhaven, takes a look back, at the future of the current roster with an extensive breakdown by our own Jeremy Walls.

Every year, with high anticipation, fans wait for the fall roster to come out to see who is new, who is gone, who is bigger, who has moved positions, etc.  With nearly 100 people on the roster, it is sometimes easy to miss out on something.

Our very own Bleedsgreen has put together a very indepth look at the 2015 Fall Camp roster.  The link is below.  He has it broken down by position, and by class.

Take a few minutes to check it out, print it out, use it to follow the team and the evolvement of this roster as it rolls through the season, through recruiting, and into next year.

You may be asking yourself, why is Doc offerring so many offensive lineman, or defensive lineman?  This will give you the answer.  You may be thinking we are hurting due to a few people not making it into school this year at the WR position, this will show you the position is still very deep.

Enjoy, and thanks to Jeremy for taking the time to put this thing together of all of us here at Herdhaven


Stay tuned to Herdhaven for further updates and stories.

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