Quotes From Marshall Media Day

You can hear most anything, including an occasional reference to Marshall Football, on Media Day at the stadium. In the most recent edition, there were many and varied reactions to questions and comments about the 2003 season. Here are a few:

Stan Hill, on who to interview: "Talk to the offensive linemen, they have been working the hardest lately, running and conditioning. That's where games are won, in the trenches."

Nate McPeek, senior offensive tackle, on the change from the right tackle position to left, or blind side for quarterback Stan Hill: "I'm protecting that blind side and if I get beat, he's gonna get killed. Big adjustment for me is pass blocking and my steps-I've had, like, 6,000 reps at right tackle all the way back to high school. (We have lots of guys in new positions and) all five offensive linemen must play together-it's not like Nate McPeek gets beat if we give up a sack, it is the offensive line that gets beat."

Gladstone Coke, on being a new father: "I cnnot even begin to tell what a thrill it was in the hospital when she arrived Friday."

Tank Tunstall, freshman running back, on sitting out in 2002: "It was a big help. I could sit and watch Butchie Wallace and Brandon Carey and learn a lot from that. I just want to contribute to the team this year in any way I can, prove the people wrong who are doubting the Herd. Butchie has proved himself for four years, and I can learn from both him and Earl Charles. Absolutely glad to be at Marshall where my family, my friends could come and see me."

Roberto Terrell, being interviewed on WSAZ TV-3 by team mate Jamus Martin: "Mostly, I have been concentrating on looking good for the camera. Look at these muscles."

Joey Stepp, starting at center in 2003: "Real exciting to get a chance to step in and start as a senior. Playing behind Jeff Edwards was a great learning experience, we were room mates on the road trips for the last three years, guys like Steve Perretta and Steve Sciullo and Jeff, they were great teachers. We are watching film two or three times a day and working with a great coach in Coach Mark McHale and are trying to come together as a unit."

Earl Charles, on multiple requests for interviews: "I've got to get this head shot, but there is plenty of time to talk about me so I'll get you soon."

Nathan Leslie, on switching numbers and positions as a senior: "I like the way the offensive line guys come together, how they help you to get your feet, your timing down. I grew up with Joey Stepp and it is great to be playing beside him. I don't care much about what number I wear."

Coach Bob Pruett, on the Texas Roadhouse luncheon: "We've got awesome food and awsome young ladies serving it...I've never been overly optimistic, but I'm really excited about this team. Now, we gotta go do it...It could be the best defense we have had since 1999."

Butchie Wallace, on senior year and being recognized: "I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life. I stayed up in Huntington longer this summer than any year before and we get a better workout here with Coach (Mike) Jenkins than at home, with the best strength coach in the world. I got stronger, maxed at 435-pounds on bench, up from 350 as a freshman. I can see us (Earl Charles and himself) putting up two, 1,000 yard seasons this year, even better than the I-AA guys in 1996, if we stay eligible and healthy. We have an experienced line, smart and strong enough to get it done up front... It's great how people back home now know about Marshall, how they come up to me at home (Myrtle Beach, SC) with their Marshall stuff on, recognize me, it's great."

Charlie Tynes, on showing folks how to play defense "Bluefield-style" and his new position coach: "Yeah, I come from southern West Virginia and I'm still gonna show them how we do it (down there). I love my family and everyone to be able to drive up and see games, or check out the local papers and find out all about how the Herd did...Coach Darlington brings so much experience to the game, we just learn something new from him every day. He wants us (whips and rovers) to be leaders and I try to do that every day, if it takes being vocal or calling the team up after practice (as he did Sunday!)."

Darius Watts, on being a senior leader: "I want to be more vocal, be a leader on the field. I just keep to try to do what I've always done, talk to them on the sideline and try to help (younger players). Tremel, he has good speed and quickness, as do Moore, Rodamer, Stanfield and the other will help us this year. As long as we are not selfish about personal goals, keep to the team goals, all of those other things will come."

Luke Salmons, on rebuilding the offense line: "It's interesting what we have to do up front, but it should come with the new guys and the returners, as long as we keep working hard. We work together, we become friends, we hang out together, go to dinner together-you just become close, even if you are not the same kind of guys. I love playing in-state here at Marshall, nothing against out-of-state colleges but I wouldn't have it any other way."

Nate Howard, on being a freshman: "Coach Phil Ratliff tried to tell me, and he did, but then here you are. The opening game will be the experience of a lifetime, I'm really looking forward to it...Coach Pruett mentioned to me about moving to center when I signed, and he's a championship coach, so I'll listen to him. I'll work hard at center. A redshirt might give me a chance to start for four years, so it would not bother me...I hope this is the season for Coach Ratliff and the (Spring Valley) Timberwolves."

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