Retire Number 25

It has been 25 years since Marshall Hoops fans have watched a player legendary enough to eventually have his number retired. Could Herd fans be closing in on finally seeing the next jersey to be retired?

A couple seasons ago, on this website, I wrote about the need for Marshall basketball fans to have a legend, a hero, in the lifetime of many of the fans.  The last Marshall basketball player to have his number retired was John Taft.  John Taft last took the floor at the Cam Henderson Center in 1991.  Twenty five years ago, since a player with his number retired at the Cam, played here in front of Herd fans.


At the time, I thought that if Dre Kane stayed for his senior season he would finally break the long draught.  Kane left, still no one has been honored.


Could this finally be the year that produces someone, ever so quietly, that takes the leap.  Ryan Taylor has played in the shadows of Kane and James Kelly.  The 2016/2017 team should be Ryan Taylor’s team.  If he goes out and produces number that match last season, he will finish as one of the most productive players in the history of Marshall basketball.  Granted, with Kelly gone, if Taylor can stay out of foul trouble and Jon Elmore can produce, then Taylors number should improve.


However, if he puts up the same numbers, below are where he will end up.


Category                           Current Tally       Last Year              Career Total        Final Ranking

Games Played                   96                         31                           126                         T-2nd

Assists                              219                       99                           318                         12th

Steals                               85                          35                           120                         13th

Rebounds                         717                          218                         929                           4th

Points                              1317                        470                         1787                         6th

Free Throws Made             336                         112                         448                           4th

Free Throws Att.               493                          173                         666                            2nd


One would think he should rebound closer to his sophomore year when he pulled down 275, if he did that, he would end up in 3rd behind only JR Van Hoose and Charlie Slack.


Are these numbers good enough to get him up into the rafters alongside the likes of John Taft, Hal Greer and Charlie Slack?  They should be, but if history is any indication, it wont be.


As I was compiling these numbers, I realized one other big question.  Why isn’t JR Van Hoose’s number hanging up there?  5th in points, and 2nd in rebounds.  What does one have to do to get this honor? 


It is time for something to give.  This generation needs to experience someone they have watched play, be honored, and this is two guys who deserve it.


Currently seven former Herd Hoopsters have their numbers retired.


Charlie Slack

Leo Byrd

Russell Lee

Walt Walowac

John Taft

Hal Greer

Mike D’Antoni


Sorry for taking your minds ever so briefly off of football. 


Carry on with the countdown, which is down to less than three weeks!


Stay tuned to for further updates and stories.

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