One Day Too Early Depth Chart

A day before the two deep depth chart is released, Herdhaven take a look at what it could look like tomorrow.

The wait is over.  Opening Game Week has arrived for the 2016 edition of the Marshall Thundering Herd football team.  Fans have been talking about this team since they ended the 2015 season with a bowl win over UCONN.  Signing day has come and gone.  Spring practice has come and gone, and four weeks of camp is now over.  What will the 2016 edition look like?


Doc Holliday will have his opening game press conference tomorrow, shortly before, or after, the two deep depth chart will be released.  One thing that we already  know, it will not be 100 percent accurate.  Another thing that is for certain, there will be several “or’s” on the list.


However, today, is going to take a stab at what we think the two deep will look like when it is released tomorrow.


The information in this post will be based on things that was seen during practice, read from reports, and past history. 


Where will Shawn Petty be?  He sat most of the bowl game last year, but he wasn’t hurt, because he played special teams.  He was involved in the spring, and then again early on in camp, then nothing.  Is it because he is hurt?  Older and doesn’t need the reps?  In the doghouse, or just beat out by an incredible grouping of linebackers.


Speaking of linebackers, is this the best group ever to walk the field at Marshall University, or, let’s rephrase.  Is it the best group ever assembled in Huntington, WV.  Think about it for a minute.  Right now, on campus, Davon Durant, Juwon Young, Shawn Petty, Tre Tyler, Frankie Hernandez, Omari Cobb, Damien Dozier, Chase Hancock and some four star guy named Jaquan Yulee.  Find a better group?


The kicking game is another question.  Last year a close friend of Herdhaven said early on in the year.  “I am worried about the kicking game, it’s going to cost us a game at some point.”  That line is paraphrased but he called it before the Purdue game ever got started.  Throughout the first half of the season, via group text with another buddy, the two of us constantly got our jabs in.  “Yep, the kicking game is going to hurt us, haven’t missed all year,”  “these kicks would be good in the area league, he is piping them right down the middle,” “are you sure you watched these kickers in practice?” 


Now, mind you, it was never stated that we were confident heading into the 2015 season with the kicking situation, just that as the season was rolling on, it was clearly not an issue.  Then MTSU happened, and, well, here we are.


Who will win the job?  Opinions, and rumors are circulating, Herdhaven has literally heard all three names mentioned.  This is Doc Holliday’s seventh year with the Herd.  I have no clue what direction he is leaning.  My opinion is he starts out with the veteran Nick Smith simply because he knows how he was early on in the season last year, and that was perfect.  Can he get started off the first game the way  he started last year?  That will be the question.


I expect to see the word “or” several times tomorrow, most likely at the running back position, linebacker position and possible at the left tackle position.  I could see Federice Binot, AJ Addison or Sandley Jean Felix landing the spot, if Addison is healthy.


Practice has been closed for a couple weeks now, and the last time we saw a few of these guys, they were hobbled.  Time will tell how those injuries are, and the good thing is, the time is nearly here.


After you take a look at the depth chart (listed below the link), please come back up to the link and go talk about your opinions on the forum.  

One Day Too Early Depth Chart

Check below for’s full two deep depth chart prediction a mere one day prior to its release.  Chime in on your opinions, and what you think about it, then tomorrow afternoon, we will compare our opinions to the end result.


Quarterback - Chase Litton, Garet Morrell

Running Back - Hyleck Foster, Anthony Anderson

Tight End - Ryan Yurachek, Emanuel Byrd

Left Tackle - Federice Binot, Sandley Jean Felix

Left Guard - Jordan Dowrey, Cody Collins

Center - Nate Devers, Levi Brown

Right Guard  - Michael Selby, Cody Collins

Right Tackle - Clint Van Horn, AJ Addison

Wide Receiver - Deontay McManus, Willie Johnson

Wide Receiver - Josh Knight, Gator Green

Wide Receiver - Justin Hunt, Michael Clark

Kicker - Nick Smith, Grayson Pontius


Defensive End - Gary Thompson, Blake Keller

Defensive End - Ryan Bee, Damien Dozier

Defensive Tackle - Tomell One, Channing Hames

Defensive Tackle - Jason Smith, Nyquan Harris

Linebacker - Davon Durant, Shawn Petty

Linebacker - Tre Tyler, Chase Hancock

Linebacker - Damien Dozier, Omari Cobb

Defensive Back - Chris Jackson, Dontrell Johnson

Defensive Back - Rodney Allen - Jaylen McClain Sapp

Nickel - Terry Richardson

Safety - Kendall Gant, Jeremiah Maddox

Safety - CJ Reavis, Corey Neely

Punter - Kaare Vedvik, Nick Smith

The time is nearly here, its GameWeek here on where we hope to keep you entertained and informed from now until the Internet no longer exists.


Stay tuned throughout the week for several new and hopefully entertaining pieces.

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