Recruitnik: Marshall vs Akron takes a look at the recruiting side of the Marshall match up this coming weekend against Akron

Marshall’s recent scheduling strategy of playing local G5 schools continues this season when the Herd hosts the Akron Zips in the return game of a series that started two seasons ago with a game at Akron.


Akron Head Coach Terry Bowden has done an excellent job rebuilding the Zip program and this year his two deep depth chart includes a 4 star running back from Ohio State, a 3 star wide receiver from Indiana, a transfer WR from Utah State, a 4 star offensive lineman from the University of Michigan, a four star defensive end from Ohio State, a 2 star defensive end from Iowa, a three star defensive end from Ohio State, a 2 star cornerback from Boston College and a 3 star cornerback from the University of Miami.


In a new to segment, beginning this week we will take a look at the starting lineups per the recent depth charts for each team in regards to star ratings per  This is right up the alley for you recruitniks out there, so enjoy. takes a look at both starting lineups and figures out each player's star rating coming out of high school. We then add them up, divide them out, and break down the offensive and defensive side of the football. 


Of course, star ratings don't mean everything. Some say it means very little. But, most national champions average at least a top 15 recruiting classes, info provided by Nebraska Publisher Josh Harvey.  The ratings don't factor in player development. 


Overall Marshall holds the advantage in star ratings for their starters when compared to Akron:

Marshall – 2.23

Akron – 2.04


Overall Marshall holds an advantage in regards to the star ratings of their starting offense compared to the Akron Starting Defense:

Marshall Offense:  2.09

Akron Defense – 2.00



Overall Marshall holds an advantage in regards to the star ratings of their starting defense compared to the Akron Starting Offense:

Marshall Defense:  2.36

Akron Offense – 2.08




Here are players who strongly considered both schools:



Then there was Reggie Rogers who was actually from Akron, committed and signed at Marshall, then ended up leaving the school.  At one point there were rumors he would end up at Akron.


Now a quick look at the Projected Starters

Recruiting Star Breakdown
Akron Marshall
Offense Offense
Position Name Star Rating Position Name Star Rating
Quarterback Thomas Woodson 2 Star Quarterback Chase Litton 3 star
Running Back Warren Ball 4 star Running Back Hyleck Foster 2 star
Tight End Christian Allen 0 star Tight End Ryan Yurachek 2 star
Wide Receiver Jerome Lane 3 star Wide Receiver Justin Hunt 2 star
Wide Receiver Jo Jo Natson 0 star Wide Receiver Michael Clark 0 star
Wide Receiver Austin Wolf 2 star Wide Receiver Josh Knight 2 star
H AJ Coney 2 star Left Tackle Fedrice Binot 2 star
Left Tackle Logan Tuley Tillman 4 star (Michigan Left Guard Jordan Dowrey 2 star
Left Guard Stephen Ericksen 2 star Center  Levi Brown 3 star
Center Lvonne Gauthney 2 star Right Guard Michael Selby 3 star
Right Guard Kyle Ritz 2 Star Right Tackle Clint Van Horn 2 star
Right Tackle Jovann Letuli 2 Star
Akron Marshall
Defense Defense
Position Name Star Rating Position Name Star Rating
Defensive End Se'Von Pittman 4 star Ohio State Defensive End Ryan Bee 2 star
Defensive Tackle Brock Boxen 2 star Defensive Tackle Nyquan Harris 3 star
Defensive Tackle Darius Copeland 0 star Defensive Tackle Tomell One 3 star
Defensive End Jamal Marcus  4 star Ohio State Defensive End Gary Thompson 2 star
Linebacker  Brian Bell 3 star Linebacker Damien Dozier 2 star
Linebacker  John Rachal 2 star Linebacker Tre Tyler 2 star
Linebacker  Ulysees Gilbert 2 star Linebacker Chase Hancock 2 star
Corner Bryce Jones 2 star BC Corner Rodney Allen 0 star
Safety Zach Guiser 2 star Safety   Kendall Gant 4 star
Safety James Turner 2 star Safety   CJ Reavis 4 star
Corner DeAndre Scott 0 star  Corner Chris Jackson 2 star

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