Recruitnik - Marshall vs Western Kentucky

Herdhaven takes a look inside the recruiting numbers for the starters of the upcoming game between Marshall and Western Kentucky.

As has been seen multiple already this season, the team with the highest ranked recruits in the starting lineup does not always equal a victory.  This happened when Marshall battled Akron, North Texas, Charlotte, Old Dominion, and even Southern Miss and FIU.  The Herd had an overwhelming advantage on paper in regards to talent, but fell in each contest. 


Nevertheless, gets back to the grind this week and takes a look inside the recruiting numbers of Marshall and Western Kentucky.  Western Kentucky has produced some of the top recruiting classes in CUSA the past few seasons.


Here is a look at this weeks matchup then an inside look at those players that thought long and hard about both schools before choosing their college destination.


The Marshall Offense has a higher per player average star rating when compared to the Western Kentucky Defense


Marshall Offense – 2.36

Western Kentucky Defense – 2.18



The Marshall Defense has a higher per player average star rating when compared to the Western Kentucky Offense


Marshall Defense – 2.09

Western Kentucky Offense – 2.00


Marshall holds the overall rating advantage when looking at the starting lineups from both units:


Marshall – 2.36

Western Kentucky – 2.09


Here are the overall numbers from the projected starters per each school’s “Game Notes.”


Marshall and Western Kentucky heavily recruit the south Florida regions, Palm Beach County, Broward County, etc.  They battle for the same kids year in and year out. 

Below are a few of the players that Western Kentucky has gotten who also held Marshall offers.  The most recent being local to Huntington, Quinton Baker.  Baker had committed to Marshall before decommiting shortly before signing as a mid year enrollee last year.  Baker has put up solid numbers this year for the Hilltoppers.


Marshall edged WKU out on the following:


Most notably the recruiting back and forth with Tyler King from last season.  The two star running back committed to Western Kentucky, then visited Marshall and committed to Marshall, then decided that he wanted to visit Western Kentucky.  Ultimately he signed at Marshall in February.  He will be eligible, if all goes as planned, this summer.


One thing of note, BOTH starting quarterbacks were heavily recruited and offered by both schools, speaking of Mike White and Chase Litton.


Stay tuned to for further Game Week updates as the Herd prepares to end the season with nearby rival, Western Kentucky.

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