Thank You Seniors

Senior Day 2016. Marshall says good bye to a small senior class that goes out with at least 36 career wins, an average of 9 per season.

Marshall kicks off tonight at 7pm for the final game of the 2016 season against Western Kentucky.  The game will mark the end of a career for 12 to 13 seniors.  Some of them were productive on the field, some off the field, some in the locker room and some were leaders. 


At the end of the day, the group will win at least 36 games, with today’s game pending, a CUSA championship (the first in school history), and three bowl games.  Not a bad run.


Unfortunately, many are basing their success on the previous few months, which is unfortunate. 


I want to take a minute this morning and say thank you.  Thank you Cody, Corey, Emanuel, Terry, Josh, Justin, Shawn, Tre, Michael, Gary, Ryan, Joe and Clint.


It has been a great run.  Thinking all the way back there have been several fun memories.


Selby coming on strong with Blake Brooks at the Military Bowl and parlaying that into a spectacular career.  Gary Thompson blasting onto the scene in a home game versus ECU.  Josh Knight having a break out senior season.


Thank you to each and every one of you for coming here, putting on the green and white and becoming Sons of Marshall forever.

Cody Carter – Proving that local walk ons can work hard and becoming big time contributors

Corey Neely – A great story, JC transfer who is having a great senior season.

Emanuel Byrd – Another great story, another solid career

Terry Richardson – Came here from Michigan, will be a Son of Marshall for life

Justin Hunt – A four year player, no redshirt

Josh Knight – Three years on the sidelines, one final, spectacular run as a senior

Tre Tyler – Two year starter, he leaves behind a cousin in Ty Tyler who should have a great career

Michael Selby – Hardworking Georgia boy with a great family, a great work ethic, played as a true freshman, a true leader for the program.  Heartbreaking injuries to a true football warrior.

Gary Thompson – Came here as a safety who could run a 10.6, 100 meter.  Now a dynamic rush defensive end.

Ryan Riedel – Battled injuries and position changes, but never quit.  Stayed the course.  Been a part of at least 36 wins in his career.

Joe Massaquoi – Another player who bounced around the depth chart, but never quit, having a good senior season.

Clint Van Horn – So much talent, so much bad luck, but never quit, when many would have.


Thanks again to each of you.


After today, the team now belongs to you, CJ, Hyleck, Deontay, Rodney, Kaare, Dontrell, Tony, Michael, Aaron, Chocolate, Davon, Amoreto, Blake, Nick, Sandley, AJ and Ryan.


Stay tuned to as we follow the next senior class over the next twelve months and we also figure out exactly who will replace these seniors who are leaving the program after today.


Kickoff is 7pm at The Joan.


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