The Coach's Report

In conjunction with WRVC's Robert Harper, Herd Insider spoke with Marshall coach Bob Pruett at practice this week. Here's Pruett's thoughts on multiple topics, from rescheduling games to Bowling Green to the season in general.

Question: You've got three weeks off between games, with Bowling Green coming in here next. What are your thoughts on getting your team ready with three weeks off and little or no hitting?

Pruett: "The biggest thing is, we don't want to lose anybody in practice. We're not going to make them any tougher. But we've got to be able to practice at game speed some time. We'll try to pick that back up next week. This week, we're trying to go at teaching speed, which is a different speed, and do some game speed work. We've found that if they know what to do, they've got a chance to do it."

Bob Pruett

Question: Would you be in support of the MAC changing the championship to Dec. 7 or 8?

Pruett: "I really don't care. I'd just as soon play, and get it on. We play one on the 24th. I'd just as soon play on the next playing date. I don't like open dates. I like the way the 1-AA people did it. Let's get it on and play."

Question: Bowling Green could come in here at 3-0, and this week off will only help them prepare more. Your thoughts?

"I think they'll probably beat Temple. And that'll mean they'll come in here undefeated and full of vinegar and oil and whatever. I think it's going to be a tough game for us. It's the next game, so it's the biggest game. I've said since the beginning of the year that they're going to be pretty good."

Question: They've always given the Herd trouble, and now they're playing well behind a new coach. That has to be a concern.

Pruett: "They've played well against us every time we've played against them. Especially there. They haven't played as well here. But, they have 31 seniors, and we have 10. Those guys have played well against us for four years now, and they're ready to come down here and get a win."

Question: How about the running situation on your team?

Pruett: "We've got Brandon Carey back, and he looks like he's approaching full-speed. We've brought Marcus Hairston in. Of course, Chanston Rodgers is gone for the year, so we won't have him back. We hope that Franklin Walace wil be back. "

Question: The offensive line has looked much improved from where they were last year. Do you agree?

Pruett: "I think offensively, we're where we were defensively this time last year. Defensively, we're where we were this time last year, offensively. The good thing about that is, next year we've got them both back. So maybe we'll be pretty good on both sides of the ball, early. I think our defense is going to be very good, as the season goes on. They just have a lot of youth, and they've had some kids suspended, and that's hurt them. Hopefully, they'll come out and play a big ball game against BG, because they'll need to."

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