Report Card: Game Two, Tennessee

In week two, Marshall stood eye-to-ey with the number 13-ranked Tennessee Volunteers. The Herd lost 34-24, but fans in Huntington, Knoxville and around the nation came away from the game knowing MU gave UT as good as it got. Now, another UT comes in Friday Night at 7:00 p.m. It's Toledo, it's time to buy your ticket and get your butt into a seat at MU Stadium, but first let's see the report card on Marshall-Tennessee

Quarterback B+ Stan Hill played as well as Bob Purett told you he could, with 3 touchdowns and 250 yards through the air. He has to read blitz pickup better and, for goodness sakes, see MU baseball coach Dave Piepenbrink for sliding lessons. Graham Gochneaur 7-10-1 cold off bench, and receiver "mugged" (Bob Pruett's call on play) on pick.

Running Backs C Not a great day on the ground, and blaming sacks does not hold water. Hill rushes for 48 on two carries, only 56 lost on sacks. Earl Charles 10-56 a good average, but 25 on early carry, and Butchie Wallace on 8-19. Backs have to pickup linebackers on sacks.

Offensive Line B Pretty good job with huge defensive (6-5, 299 avg.), and Hill said blitz was on him not line. Need for some rotation as line seemed tired late with only Jesse Saito playing beside starters.

ReceiversA Darius Watts (9-109, TD) and Josh Davis (6-123, TD) as good as any pair in nation. Rader (2-12, TD) needs to be target for QB in blitz, to slow linebackers. Brad Bates and Jason Schroeder combined for three for 25.

Special Teams C Just average, as Klint Rose lets first snap go through fingers, struggles (6-38) and kicks low for trouble with coverage. Early kickoffs were not great, but second half Ian O'Conner found endzone often. Tremel Guillory had drop on punt returns. Grade for group helped by Chris Royal (35 yard KOR, 21 yard PR).

Defensive Line A Shut down inside run. Toriano Brown recorded only two sacks of day. Forced running game outside.

Linebackers C When run forced outside, it worked against MU. UT fullback open for TD, toow other catches for first downs. Charlie Tynes had nice effort with 7 tackles, 2 assists, 2 tackles for loss and lone interception.

Defensive Backs D/B Safety Moriah Anderson burned for TD, lucky that second score came out of receivers hand and hit ground. Only three tackles, four assists when Tennessee ran for 40/223. Corners get a B, Roberto Terrell had team leading 9.5 tackles and Willie Smith ran down two UT players to prevent scores. He had 5.5 tackles

OverallB Herd gave as good as it got, earning repect in Huntington, Knoxville and nation-wide.

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