Cincy RB Pops Up on MAC Recruiting Radar

Running out of the single wing formation, a Cincinnati, Ohio running back/quarterback last week chalked up 500+ yards in a single game. He has <i>four</I> 300 yard games this year. Who is this running dynamo? MAC football coaches are finding out -- including Marshall's. Read on...

May we present to you the interesting case of Jason Bainum. Bainum is a running back for tiny Williamsburg High School in Williamsburg, Ohio. Never heard of him? You're not alone.

Bainum is a 6'2", 210-pound combination running back/quarterback, and the word 'combination' is appropriate here: Bainum runs out of a modified single-wing style offense, one in which he is the lone person in the backfield. He takes the snap out of the shotgun, and it's his decision to either throw or run. Two blocking backs lead the way when Bainum runs.

And run, run, run Jason Bainum does.

Against Clermont Northeastern High School last week, Bainum ran for a mind-boggling 532 yards, scoring all 7 Williamsburg touchdowns in the 48-0 rout. His mastery of the single wing is so complete that Bainum's worse game at Williamsburg netted him only 130 yards rushing. His worse game this year was a sub-par (for him) 300 yard game.

MO< Bainum has four games over 300 yards just this season.

"I'm just a hard-nosed runner," Bainum said from home last Sunday night in an exclusive interview with Herd Insider. "If I have to, I'll run over them."

Williamsburg is a tiny Ohio Division 6 school, but plays numerous games against the bigger Division 2 and 3 schools as well.

Bainum's running prowess has started to attract the attention of MAC schools Ohio, Miami of Ohio, and Toledo, as well as Dayton. It shouldn't be too much of a stretch to think that he's a blip on the Marshall recruiting radar as well.

Does he think he has what it takes to play in the MAC? "I think I could," was Bainum's reply.

Bainum said his strongest assets as a running back are the ability to read blockers and the defense in general, and making the right cut based on those reads. Speed isn't his greatest quality, even Bainum will admit that. "I'm not the fastest," he said, referring to his 4.7 forty yard dash time. Still, 4.7 is plenty fast.

Apparently, it's fast enough to run over just about any team Jason Bainum plays. Look for Bainum to become a rising star in the MAC recruiting wars later this year.

And remember where you heard it first. Herd Insider!

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