Buggs Just Doing the Best He Can

Marshall has been bugging opponents for four years, but nobody took notice until this year. Not the telemarketer type of bugging, or Halloween prank bugging, or even tapping opposing coaches phone lines to get the real scouting report. Nope, this bug goes about 5 feet 11 inches, and a biscuit shy of 235 pounds.

Marshall senior running back Trod Buggs has been more important to Marshall's success than many people know, and its about time his efforts are recognized not only by locals, but by the country. His versatility and willingness to play anywhere the coaches need a body makes him special as a player.

"When I get the ball, I see Destination: End Zone," Buggs said after the Kent game last Saturday. "Some times I might get there, some times I won't. If you get in the way, it's going to be between me and you."

Buggs is a guy who likes to hit, and will jump at any chance to get in the game. Why? Because he was never able to settle into a starting job like a Max Yates or Butchie Wallace, holding onto one position his whole career. As a matter of fact, he hasn't been listed as a starter in any one of the Herd's 8 games this year; but he has been a key contributor to Marshall on offense, defense, and special teams.

Buggs started his career as a reserve linebacker, getting 54 tackles his freshman year. In 1999, Marshall's 13-0 top ten season, Buggs saw time on special teams and again at linebacker. The year 2000 saw the true versatility of the Orlando, FL product of Edgewater High, as he reacked up 34 special teams tackles and was the Herd's short-yardage running back, carrying 9 times for 16 yards and 2 touchdowns.

All fine and dandy, but he got little recognition for his efforts. However, Trod Buggs is fast becoming one of the fan favorites, right up there with names like Watts, Leftwich, and Davis.

"If I've got to beat you up to get those extra yards, I'm going to do it," Buggs added. "I might get pulled out the next play. Every time you see me out there, I'm going to try and beat you up, before you beat me up."

Trod Buggs scores against UMass

The big guy who wears number 32 this year has made his big mark against opponents this year as a regular force on special teams, with 16.5 tackles, and has rumbled through opposing defenses as a reserve running back. Buggs has carried the ball 40 times for 309 yards, much of that going right over top of defenders.

A bullish, Big Ten-type of running back, Buggs has exhibited speed, strength, agility, and great balance for an oversized running back and has been a great compliment to Marshall's more speedy, shifty ball carriers. He has also been a quality running back as he is the only Herd player with a carry this year that has not fumbled once. Maybe his most memorable moment was on his first catch in the UMass game where Buggs caught the Leftwich pass and seemed tackled when a Minuteman hit him in the legs. But in a show of gracefulness, Buggs put one arm down to keep his balance and rumbled on into the end zone. Obviously, this was to the crowd's utter delight. Trod Buggs has contributed to his team in so many ways, and his efforts should not go without some reward. His versatility, hard play, and willingness to go anywhere the coaches need him makes him worthy of some honor; but what award do you give to a guy who hasn't dominated any one position, but has played consistently well in so many different positions? Mr. Versatile? Team Spirit? How about this..Team MVP, or at least co-MVP.

"As you've seen, it ain't every day I get out there," Buggs said of making every play count. "So, the skills I do have, when I get out there, I try to put the best up."

Buggs is quickly becoming a crowd favorite, and although his stats will never compare to Herd greats at one position or another, his efforts across the board have been invaluable and will surely be missed.

Even by Herd fans who overlooked his accomplishments all these years.

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